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Another Dead End


So after waiting 1 hr after my appointment time my latest gynaecologist declared that my ultra sound & swaps came back normal...there is no reason why I should be experiencing painful intercourse....and I would not need to be a follow up appointment.

Apparently she sees lots of ladies in my position and while she is taking me off of her books, she isn’t trying to say I’m not experiencing the pain....however...I’m on my own.

I’m to have another go with the dilators....& find someone in the area who does phsycosexual therapy...

I have searched for that kind of therapy in my area and have fallen short...even my gp can’t recommend I guess it’s just the dilators...which are not something i feel comfortable with which doesn’t help my issue.

On top of my painful intercourse I have reached the expected zero sex I’ve heard about people having there hormones tested to solve this problem but don’t know how to convince my gp to carry out the test on a whim?!

I also suffer from ibs...whilst I am aware it can affect the sexual side of things when I do cave an participate in (one sided) intercourse with my other half I do often feel like I might experience a bowl movement (if I’ve struggled to go for a few days)...this is obviously concerning but according to the gynaecologist is completely doesn’t feel normal...and is another new unwanted experience for me.

I’m really struggling with being a female....I don’t want sex...I can’t enjoy sex...I also don’t think I want children anymore...and I’m beginning to wonder whether I just let my other half move on & find someone who wants to bonk him senseless...& have his babies....all the time.

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