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P.a.c's & pregnant

I constantly suffer from irregular heartbeats, racing heart when at rest from time to time, flutters and skipped beats! Ive had an echo, multiple ekgs, stress test, and multiple chest xrays and countless of blood drawn all my tests have came back to be normal and good they say and that my heart is healthy! But all that ive named above has doubled now that im pregnant and ive been to the emergency room more than ever now they say i have p.a.c's anyone else have this issue?

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Hi i would try not to worry,as you have had all tests and they are normal,i have read that hormones play a part in irregular heartbeats,as you are pregnant i would think it is just hormonal,i would just enjoy your pregnancy ,im way older and in perimenopause and my irregular heartbeats got worse ,again i have had tests and they were ok so hormones have a lot to answer for

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Thank you i am going to give the peace thing a try and stop scaring myself and try to stop worrying so much


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