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Could I be pregnant?

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I was due on my period Friday 12th March, I still haven’t had my period however I think my cycle could be 37 days long sometimes which still makes me four days late, when I do a test at the moment it’s negative, like this with a line down the middle which shouldn’t be there could there still be a chance this is a negative result

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Different tests have different ways of saying pregnant or not, so I don't think we have enough info to say if this is positive or negative.You could try a different test to see if it gives clearer results.

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Chlo970 in reply to Cooper27

So would you advise to try a better test

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If you're not clear what the outcome of this test is, then yes, better to try a different brand with a clearer result.

This looks like a faulty test, I would take another one x

I’d say that’s still a negative result. I know what you mean by the very faint dent but It seems to be an evaporation line/indent line which can be common on cheap pregnancy tests. Take another one for peace of mind, along with another in a weeks time! (Although it would most likely be an accurate result if taken any time after your period is due) hope this helps.

This looks like the control line which ‘should’ be there as it shows the test has worked. There is always a control line. Check the instructions. Wait a week and do another test or try another brand now if you can’t wait.

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