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Mini pill and perimenopause

I'm 51 and have been on the mini pill for quite a few years! Blood tests say hormone levels are peri not postmenopausal. I currently have recurring period like cramps but no periods. Had a scan but all clear so was prescribed mefenamic acid which only helps a bit. I have hotflushes etc but the worst thing is the sudden uncontrollable frustration and anger!

How do others deal with this? Would HRT help? My GP suggested a coil but I really don't want that!

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After 6 years of extreme hot flushes throughout day & night, I took an HRT called Angelique. It's synthetic, but is the safest synthetic available, according to my friend's sister, who is a gynaecologist. This stopped my periods which had been extremely painful.

I'm now on my second week of using bioidentical hormones, which seem fine so far. I have an oestrogen gel & progesterone pill.

Perhaps ask your GP if one of these would be better for you.


Hi I have the Mirena coil plus estrogen patch as my form of HRT my gynaecologist assures me this is the safest way to have HRT, this method works great for me when I was taking tablet HRT although it stopped the hot sweats and anxiety and mood swings it caused breast tenderness and period pains and bleeding. I now feel great with the coil and estrogen patch. Hope this helps


Hello, 48, i'd been transferred to the minipill a few years ago, which absolutely wrecked my mental health, and had to fight hard to get back onto the combined pill,

But I've also had to include an antidepressant and an anti-anxiety med too, The perimenopause is well documented for messing up women brain chemistry, accepting psychiatric meds does not mean you are writing yourself off as barmy, it's worth trying,,,,


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