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Need help, please!!

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I have had multiple utis. My doctor prescribed antibiotics, but no help. I've tried cranberry juice but it could only get little relief. What medicine should I take rather than antibiotics? Need your help, please!!

Update: I have taken herbal medicine for a week, the frequent urination is reduced. And pain when urinating is relieved almost. It really helps.

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Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. From what I hear uti's can be difficult to fully get rid of. All I can suggest is that you keep in touch with your doctor, try different antibiotics, make sure you finish the course and maybe get a prescription to have ready for a follow up course of antibiotics that you can start as soon as the first niggle or symptom appears. Cranberry juice, the strongest concentration you can find, is good for keeping things clear and would be for drinking every day (I think a litre a day when the infection is bad) along with plenty of water is good for your urinary tract in general but may not be enough to get rid of a well established infection.


Thank you for your advice. I'll follow what you told me to do. I drink a large amount of water every day and I also drink cranberry juice. A friend of mine recommended a herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill to me. It's natural with zero side effect and I will give it a try. Hope it helps.


Cranberry juice can actually irritate things more as it's very acidic, doesn't agree with me at all.

Presumably the doc has sent a sample to the lab for culture, no good prescribing random antibiotics if not.

I'm going through the same, since end of Nov I have had 4 uti's, the antibiotics recommended on culture at the lab have not cleared it, have tried 5 different ones so far and each time I get a different infection a few days after stopping them.

I'm going for a kidney/bladder scan in a couple of weeks but not expecting anything new from that, already know I have stones and cysts.

So anyway, you could try D-Mannose but it only works on ecoli bugs, cranberry tablets may be better than juice but there is no evidence that cranberry does anything, there are also probiotic capsules for women that are aimed at womens issues, by Optibac.

To be honest I have tried everything and nothing has made much difference.

If you find a magic bullet do share !

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Thank you for sharing you experiences with me. A friend of mine recommended a herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill which is efficient on treating recurring uti. I'll give it a try. If it really works, I will update.


Magic bullet is a daily cranberry tablet! Cured me completely.


Doesn't work for me.


It won't help if there is infection there, you need to get rid of that first, good luck !


Try a cranberry tablet every day, without fail. Way more effective than juice. I really suffered for years, nothing since the tablets.


D - Mannose can help many but mine relates to incorrect plumbing due to disability not recognised by NHS spina bifida [ thats what Record says] .However watch them carefully otherwise they can damage your kidneys & well being as sepsis can rear its head.Penicillin plus 3 other medications can be needed more when other infections.There is a very expensive Vaccine not licensed here available in Europe if e- coli called Urommune .Also the microscopes used for Testing & Operations don't equate so microvascular problems not picked up.


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