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Can adrenals heal?


I was diagnosed with Hashi's 15 years ago, I'm now 62 and retired. I'm also in stage 3 adrenal fatigue syndrome (virtually no cortisol in June 2016).

I've been self-navigating for the past 6 months, and have seen a LITTLE improvement in the fatigue and depression. I am able to take care of myself and the house. My husband still works. I have low stress.

Some of the doctors (for example, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Michael Lam), say that a person CAN recover from adrenal fatigue syndrome, but it usually takes 12-14 months.

QUESTIONS: Do you think my adrenals could recover enough so that I don't have to take adrenal support and anti-depressants?? Currently I'm taking TWO OTC adrenal support supplements, and I ALSO use True Focus, St. John's Wort, D-Ribose, turmeric, and maca to help control depression and to help provide energy. They are about 80-85 percent effective. I eat an auto-immune gluten-free diet, drink only filtered water, walk 40 minutes daily, am not overweight, have low stress (retired).

Blessings, would appreciate any response.

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