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Still having pain in urethra after treating UTI. What do I do?

25 year old female and never been sexually active. Anyway, after having mild lower back pains for a week that I thought were pains from lifting something heavy, and a sting everytime I peed, it turned out to be a UTI. My doctor then put my on 5 days of 500mg ampicillin (1 pill twice a day) but I only got through 3 days (6 pills) because it turns out I had an allergic reaction to the drug. So instead of putting me on something else (I have been on antibiotics this year 3x already for different issues) she decided to hold off and retest my urine and culture it again. My lab results came back and it's showing up as more normal now. There are only "traces" of WBC in my urine and a very small amount of bacteria grew on the culture.

Here's the problem. I'm STILL having some mild urethral irritation and burning, as well as mild lower back pains. It's SENSITIVE. My WHOLE vaginal region feels irritated. Plus I'm STILL having pain in my left groin and in the upper part of my pelvis that is just below my stomach. What do I do? It's VERY uncomfortable and it feels like never ending mild irritation. If my lab results are showing MOST to all of the infection is gone why am I STILLl having discomfort? What do I do? I did contact my doctor but have to wait until Monday get a response.

Also, a small amount of cocci bacteria grew on the culture. Is says specifically, "1,000-9,000 CFU/ML of gram positive cocci isolated". What does that mean? To me that doesn't sound to good. The only thing the doctor told me to do was to drink lots of water and try to flush the rest out in the voicemail. I'm concerned of it growing back and on the last culture I had, there was a different bacteria called "enterococcus" so what's this "cocci" that's now showing up?

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Hi, and I'm sorry for your pain. Here's what I found out for you.

The Gram stain color and the bacterial shape give clues as to what bacteria might be causing the infection. One example of gram-positive cocci is Staphylococcus aureus, the bacteria associated with staph infections. An example of gram-negative bacteria is Escherichia coli, the cause of many urinary tract infections.

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please go back to your Gp and let him know all the symptoms that you are still experiencing. It doesn't sound that the UTI cleared. Sometimes it can take longer for an infection to clear especially if you have reacted to some Antibiotics and they had to be changed.


I went back to my GP yesterday. It turns out the infection never clearly fully and was starting to come back. So I have been put another round of antibiotics (macrobid) to clear out the infection. I started it last night. So far that burning I was feeling has eased up. Still experiencing some minor lower back pains, but I'm wondering now if it's not caused by something else instead of the infection as I keep waking up like this.



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