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Six months braces anyone?


Hey, friends! My daughter will be turning 13 this June. She is quite excited about entering into her teenage except some issues like pimples, menstrual pain and tiredness. Now her new problem is crooked and misaligned teeth. Our family dentist,suggested that she should wait till she turn 13 to wear teeth braces. She is worried about the food restrictions also. She don't like wearing braces for 2 long years. My friend suggested a six month braces ( ). Any previous experiences? Will it be very expensive?

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Hi Laisslange😊

I remember my first braces being fitted in my early teens. At the time the treatment didn't straighten my crooked teeth, and I spent many years regretting not having completed it😐

But, just a couple of years ago, I had 'six month braces' fitted, top and bottom. As a 'mature' patient I wasn't totally convinced they would work.

I'm so pleased with the results😊

Certain foods were no go areas, apples, crusty bread etc but it wasn't too bad really 😊

My sister in law also had braces fitted 😊 When the treatment was completed we both had permanent fixed braces top and bottom, on the inside of the teeth. This may not happen in all cases, perhaps it was because we were older patients? Confirm this with your dentist before starting treatment. It could be that going for the other option (2yrs) would mean the permanent fixed braces wouldn't be necessary.

It was expensive, somewhere between £1-2,000 😊xB

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