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The truth about exercise:

Who has heard of High-Intensity Interval Training? It is incredible. Have a look at this report on the bbc:

There has been even more sophisticated research as well. Quick burst of exercise that take your heart rate very high for seconds rather than minutes are all it takes to kick off weight loss. For years I did long runs and probably damaged my knees in the process, and then I tried this and it really works. I use a bike (I live in the countryside and so can sprint) and in the summer I sprint 100m barefoot on grass, about 5 times in the morning. It is incredible! It works! you lose weight and get an appetite just like when you do a half hour run.

Has anyone else heard of this or tried it???

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This is really interesting! Imagine the time you can save. Here is some more detail on the University of Nottingham's research. It really is true!



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