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Needing support to loose it!

Needing some tips, ideas and support here guys. I'm a mum of 2 boys. One of which with autism- as you can imagine life is a handful and very busy and stressful. My partner works nights and I am a carer for my child.

I don't eat breakfast due to my hands being full. I may have a snack at lunch and some left overs from dinner. I eat at night between 10-2am. I stress eat and comfort eat. I try so many diets etc and always collapse at the least thing these days. Just looking for any advice and foods I can have in the go. Thanks in advance xx

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Hi mam..

I wud love to help u... u can give a call on9711993203... or give a missed call... I can give you the easiest and healthy way ti lose


I would be more than happy messaging you via what's app or email. Thanks



You can find 100s of advice online for losing weight like eat less,exercise,walk,yoga, even pills to lose weight. I would say its easy to get lost in all of them if you try all at once. Try to do one thing that you feel you can do for next 4 weeks like eating salad before food, drinking more water, avoiding junk food. Then after you have achieved it for 4 weeks every single day do another change.

If you try to hard you will fail in long run. Try small changes for long time. Also increase your walking everyday by 10 steps a day. so in a month you will be walking 300 more steps/day. You will start seeing results in few months time. once you feel comfortable start jogging in place then slowly increase speed.

The one thing people wont tell you is sleeping. Try to sleep 8 hours every night. It will reduce your stress hormone( which triggers fat gain ). So less stress less fat gaining hormone. Drink Green tea, black coffee after few months which will increase your metabolism.

Don't fall for cheap pills and quick solutions. All the best for losing weight. Message me if you want to learn about healthy weight loss. (I wont sell any product nor i am a dietitian / doctor ) I am fellow weight loser who have adopted healthy lifestyle by gaining knowledge.


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