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How to loose fat by exercises?

Hi, I'm 19 y.o. Male and last year in the month of February I joined a gym, and when I joined I was 112.8 kgs after 6 months I lost 8-10 kgs. Then I was affected with dengue and left work out for a while.

Now I have lost 10kgs and I'm at 102.8kgs. No dieting, and I'm a vegetarian.

I'm 6ft 2 inches height.

I play squash 7 days a week with only cardio and crunches work out 7 days a week.

Currently I do treadmill for 20 mins(120 calories), elliptical 22mins(250 calories), cycle 15 mins(80 calories) and I play squash for 1 hour and side crunches for 20 mins.

My problem is I have fat on the side hips, don't know what kind of exercise to do, I know we can't workout on a particular part, but I'm working out from 1 year, the fat haven't reduced there. It's really odd over there. Due to this my lower body is more than upper body, and I don't have genetically wide hips.

Can anyone help suggesting exercises for loosing this fat on the hips sides and thighs.?

I'm really worried about this part to loose weight.

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Hey!! Good to know that u decided to loose weight by exercise it is the only safest and will keep the wei ght off forever,when I first lost weight I was 100 and I lost 8kg in a month I am not even a vegetarian,after reading your query i want you to first visit a doctor and get your sugar levels and thyroid checked nothing to get scared about somtimes weightloss gets stuck due to thyroid secondly do not over burn your body 5 days exercise is more than enough this will later in your life trouble u.just play squash on weekends and exercise for the week.about the exerSise for the lower layer try stretching,yoga,squads,situps and my fav lie down on the ground lift both legs up an cycle in air,basically stretching will help tighten the elasticity od body,u can also go for liposuction which gets rid of extra fat.I hope I help msg me for morw questions keep smiling :)


hi i saw ur ad. u lost weight. i want to loose weight. i am doing all diet and all but i am not reducing weight. pls guide me to reduce 10 kgs weight in one month. I dont know ur contact details to ask u. pls contact me to this id avnita.a3@gmail.com its urgent.


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