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Loose your FAT not your GOAL


We all have been there , persuaded by our parents who kept pushing us to score better in school or to get a rank or for some "just pass the damn exam!".

In any case one thing remains common we all had a Goal to achieve, but it was never easy now was it? It takes time and dedication and most of all patience.

Same corollary applies in case of Loosing Fat.It takes time and determination but everything is worth it.By loosing those extra pounds not only you are leading towards a healthy life but it's like earning a real life Achievement.

However I feel there are some key points which we all must keep in mind to get the best results.

•Set a Goal

Be it shedding fat or gaining weight or getting abs one must first decide what's their final Aim or Goal is.

It's the first thing one must do and it's one of the reason many people give up easily because they don't know where they are going or what they are doing.So stay focused, determined and be patient.(afterall "sabar ka phal meetha hota hai").

•Be Realistic

Set goals which sound sane and you know are achievable, don't be that person who sets a "New year resolution" and within a month quits or a person who thinks he will loose 10kgs in 2 weeks with some "miracle food/exercise".No just No.Don't be fascinated by your favorite models/movie stars who get shredded or bikini model in no time, they spend more money then one can earn in an year, they have a personal trainer and a dietitian working all along, but it's not easy for them too trust me.So just choose something you know can be accomplished.Eg- Loosing 3kgs a month or giving 30mins for exercises 4-5 days a week.

NOTE:- There is no such thing as "Spot fat reduction", just like the way you gain fat all over your body in time similarly you loose your fat as it comes.Belly is the first to gain and last part to loose fat from.

•The little victories that matters

Now that we have a realistic goal it's time to split it, split how? Suppose my aim is to loose 5kgs in two months, to reach their I must time myself on when and what do I eat and when do I workout, it's important to be punctual.

Keep a track of your weight and measurements , do it once in 2 weeks or so.Initially there will be little to no change at all,repeat the whole process and if you 've been true to yourself within few weeks you will see changes in your body and guys it's such a wonderful feeling when not only you but others around too start noticing it.That guys is your first victory in the long battle of achieving your goal.

•Don't Give Up!

This is the hardest part for almost everyone of us, with the ever growing technology when it comes down to loosing fat or gaining muscles it feels like we are walking turtle speed, the frustration of slow progress breaks us down and eventually giving up on it.

Guys don't let this happen to you, getting results in fitness world is like growing a seed into a tree, you don't practically see it growing but it is happening, it takes time but the seed inside of you is growing and if you keep nourishing it, it will pay off eventually.

So be Strong and show the world you are one of those people who "Never Give Up".

•Stay Motivated & Enjoy

In the end it all comes down to the Choices we make in our life, so choose to be "the person who got from flabs to abs". Do whatever it takes to keep yourself on line , watch motivational movies, do it for your kids, do it for your health you don't want to be sick and be a burden on your family, brag and still be proud of how you lost your weight while others were sitting on their chairs with a bubble belly.

It feels amazing to transform yourself,you feel more active,have a healthy lifestyle,look way better,aging slows down plus plus plus,yea their is no end to these "Plus".And guess what? it's all because you Choose it to be like this.So make a right decision and enjoy your life.

"It's never too late to chose the right path.Stop thinking and Start doing."


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