Need help to reduce weight !!!

My height is 5'5 & weight revolves around 80 KG. I work in night shift & due to which my weight has increased very fast in last 2-3 years. From Jan 2012 i am going to GYM regularly & avoiding Liquor, Sugar, Fast Food & much more. I am also drinking Hot Water & Green tea regularly. From 89 KG i have been able to reduce 9 KG but now the weight is not coming down from 80 KG I am still a Bachelor but my physique looks like of an Uncle which i really hate. Any help / guidance will be really appreciated

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  • Madhu : FYI, I have already tried weight loss tablets earlier but its effect is in the starting but after 1 month it's not effective.

  • Subbu: Give me a specific time in 2nd Half to call you on weekend.

  • ok


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