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Water fasting

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Yassa2021 March

Just wondering what people think/feel about absolute fasting for 16/24hours or more? Nothing but water!

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I fast for 18 hours a day as a matter of course, Yassa, although I occasionally have a cup of tea with a splash of whole milk. It suits me fine, as I follow a low carb way of eating and don't eat breakfast, so fast between dinner and lunch the following day. It's a good routine to get into to stop the evening snacking, apart from the other health benefits.

You may not know, but there's a forum specifically dedicated to fasting on HU healthunlocked.com/fasting-...

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Yassa2021 March in reply to moreless

Thanks. I didn’t know about the forum and will look.

Nothing but water? I’d miss my coffee 😊 I’ve been doing at least 16 hours of fasting every day since August last year, so well over a year now. It’s not just water though, I do drink coffee or tea as well, but just plain black during my fasting window. Lately I am more likely to have 18 hours fast daily and I added 24 hours fast once a week. Suits me very well.

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Yassa2021 March in reply to N-o-r-d-i

I’ve started fasting twice a week. Tea, squash and coffee and soya milk in tea. It does seem quite severe though but many people swear by it!

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N-o-r-d-iHost in reply to Yassa

You’ll soon find out if it suits you. I personally am a person who can go a long time without food, without any problems, but once I start eating, it’s difficult to stop. So fasting works very well for me, I eat infrequently but bigger portions of food. But not everyone is like this :)

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For me, it's about preparation and frequency Yassa . It's great psychologically when you know you're losing fat maximally, because you aren't taking any food in, your living off of your reserves and your hormones aren't being adversely affected.You don't have to plan or prepare meals; it's liberating.

Personally, experience with keto has taught me not to fully deplete my glycogen, because in doing weight training and running the demand outstrips my body's ability to make up the carb deficit, the resulting competing for resources having unwanted effects on my health.

For that reason, I have found at least alternate day fasting better, sometimes going up to 40 hours between eating, but I would only do that a couple of times a week. One meal a day is a doddle.

I firmly believe in maintaining regularly at a new weight, so that the body doesn't adjust to low-intakes, thinking you've landed on a desert island where food is scarce.

The preparation side is that when fasting, only about 13% of energy comes from carbs. That means if your body is used to a high carbohydrate diet your hormones and enzymes will be primed to attempt to cope with the potentially toxic load, and if you fast you'll get hungry pretty early on in the process. Instead, improve you health, and have an adequate carb intake; 12% protein, 25% carbohydrate, 63% fat is about optimal.

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in all honesty, I wouldn't want to fast for 24 hours, it is all personal choice and I choose to eat regularly as that works best for me.

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ccfatchick2021 November

I work out too much to do anything other than intermittent fasting. And even that can be hard when I have to do an early morning class.

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I do water only for 16-18 every day...you get used to it and really, stop feeling hungry. (Sometimes I have hot water, sometimes I cheat and have green tea :o)

But I've also done water-only for up to five days. That's harder...but still, amazingly, doable. (Oh, ok, I cheat and have tea during that too ;o)

Check out any of the zillion podcasts by Dr. Jason Fung. You'll be inspired!