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Hi everyone I am working full time trying to be supportive to my elderly Mum and disabled sister and am studying at college in the evenings although this is not an excuse I just find motivation an issue. I have a date October 2020 that I want to slim down my waste size to fit into a wedding dress I like. My fiancée proposed to me on holiday this week but I am dreading the next 24 months just the thought of trying to cope with what I have is making me anxious any suggestions of how to prioritise

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Hello and welcome to the Weight Loss Forum ConnieDee

Congratulations on your engagement ❤️ What a wonderful reason to lose weight 😊

To help you find your way around, and enjoy all the things we have on offer, please read the Welcome Newbies Post here

Take your time to read it carefully as it has lots of useful information.

The best advice I can give is to eat enough. If you are following the NHS 12 Week plan then the 1400 calorie target suggested is a just generic amount, please check your own personal calorie target using the BMI checker, it’s often higher than you think. We always advise starting towards the top of the range, being hungry is the biggest cause of weight loss failure

I also highly recomend coming onto the forum regularly, daily if you can, reading posts and replying to others. Being part of a community is proven to help weight loss. Why not join our daily chat thread ‘What’s Happening Today?’

For your own privacy and safety online we suggest that you lock your posts by selecting ‘followers in my community’ when you write a new post. Please read our security post here.

Out of interest, can I ask how you found us?

Best wishes for your weight loss journey

Indigo 😊


Hello Connie, you have a lot to contend with. I can empathise as I have a son with special needs and elderly parents to support.

What a wonderful surprise for you whilst you were on holiday - congratulations.

You need to make sure you take care of yourself so that you can keep the anxiety at bay. Do you have anybody else that can help out with your Mum and Sister? This may be a time to try out delegating or asking for extra help - I know that isn't always easy or sometimes even possible.

Can you try to book some time for yourself - maybe an hour a day - when you can have time to spend planning your meal plans, or going for a walk to clear your head.

You should enjoy the planning of your wedding - it really doesn't have to be stressful and you have plenty of time, so do a little bit at a time and don't feel that you have to rush out and do it all at once. Can you talk to your partner and discuss how you are feeling - can they help in anyway?

I found taking part in the Happiness Challenge was very helpful for my anxiety when I first joined here. It also helped me to change my mindset which helps with motivation. Here is the link, just take a look at it - it's not for everybody, but may be worth a go.

Wishing you good luck :)


Hello ConnieDee , and I'd like to add my congratulations, too, on your engagement :)

What a lot of demands you have on your time, and I'm sure your needs come very far down the list. I hope you'll sneak a bit of time each day to come here, read posts, join in chats and get all the support and encouragement that's on offer.

Do take on board what IndigoBlue has said about eating enough: it really is going to pay off for you. Otherwise, I'd just say take things one step at a time. Set yourself one thing to change in the coming week, stick with it, let it bed in, then go for another one or two things the following week. You can do so much in 24 months. It's going to take some planning but I'm sure you're well used to that, with all you have to juggle.

Do have a think about locking your post, especially if you're using your real name, or one that could identify you.


Hi ConnieDee,

Congratulations and welcome!

You do have a lot on, so look after yourself!

I'm sure you will feel great benefit once you start to lose some weight. I have been finding it helpful to cut out snacks - 3 good meals a day, eat fewer carbohydrates and more fat and increase my exercise. I have been able to lose about 1 lb a week over the summer which has been a great surprise to me as it wasn't budging before!

Coming on this site has let me choose which of the many great ideas would suit me and to ask for advice when things weren't going to plan.

Best wishes to you and yours, hope all goes well for the weight loss dream!

Jints14st 7lbs

Hi ConnieDee and welcome. You will get loads of advice and support here. I wish you well on your weight loss journey and congratulations on your engagement. Please be sure to take enough time out for yourself to allow you to do this xx

hi ConnieDee welcome to the forum - I'm new too and the support is great - it's sounds like you have a lot of demands on your time so, as others have suggested, do try and take some time out just for you - congratulations on the wedding and enjoy the planning

TwiggynotHealthy BMI

Hello Conniedee. Many congratulations on your engagement! I can really understand your desire to look beautiful on your special day but you seem to have plenty of time to achieve this and fit into the dress of your dreams! Planning a wedding is such an exciting time but I guess the thing to remember is that the big day can be as big or a small event as you wish. I would suggest you write a list of all the things you need to do - venue, invites etc and then tick them off when it’s done. As for slimming down, well, everyone here will cheer you on. The one thing keeping me on track is the weekly weigh in. Here I am strict with myself and confess or boast - depending on what the scales say on the day. As the week wears on I am spurred on by hoping to boast and not confess and that makes me stick to my low calorie diet. However, yesterday I cheated and had chocolate. It was bliss! So yes we all have slips but then get back to the straight and narrow! Good luck!

My suggestion would be taken it step by step, break it down makesure you have the right amount of intake for breakfast have a snack k at 11am eat lunch at one and snack at 3:30 and evening meal before six if possible and after that lots of water.😊

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