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My South Texas trip


I won $4500 on slots!

There was nothing but brown grass, mesquite trees and cacti except where the fields were cleared and irrigated. No vegetables because of the heat, only cotton fields. 100’s of thousands of acres of brown desert land.

The border patrol out in full force; on land and by air. Many of the Mexicans die in the desert unless border patrol finds them.

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A very challenging environment for desperate people.

What a win - fabulous! Will the dogs be getting a Treat?

G1nny3lbs in reply to BridgeGirl

Yes! I’m buying them dog pepperoni today.


Wow! I hope that win was enough to pay for your trip, with some left over for an extra treat :)

How awful to feel desperate enough to risk their lives :(

G1nny3lbs in reply to moreless

Yes it is sad, they even come with their children and can’t carry enough water to make it. The trip costs nothing but gas about $150. The casino gives my boyfriend a free very nice room and free food at all therestaunts inside the casino. He gambles about 4 times a year. Food wise I ate salads and retried beans with cheese and onions and guacamole. Since I don’t eat meat, very few vegetables on the menu.

Did you get your new cooker?

morelessAdministrator in reply to G1nny

What a shame, that's absolutely tragic! :(

What an exciting trip! I'm sure you had a terrific time, especially with the windfall :)

It sounds as if you ate as mindfully as the menu allowed you, well done!

I did!! I'll post a picture of it on my Monday What's Happening today thread :)

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