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Quietly continuing

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Pete576 stone

I don't come in here too often these days I'm just quietly continuing my weight loss journey on my own, people I know are always asking what's your secret, I tend to tell people its celery.

I think my real secret is vegetables whatever I eat I have lots of vegetables with it and I tend to eat my veg before I tackle what ever protein is on my plate.

I have also discovered a love of steamed celery and all sorts of other steamed vegetables.

I weigh on a friday morning, so more news of that tomorrow as I am currently 4 lbs off the 50 lb mark.

Current weight loss 46 lbs or 3 stones 4 lbs if you prefer.

As luck would have it today I've put a pound on, no matter its just a case of getting back to my healthy eating and next week is just that, next week.

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Ceals3 stone

Well done Pete and you have really interested me with steamed celery. I steam just about all of my veggies but have never steamed celery - until now that is!

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Pete576 stone in reply to Ceals

I tend to chop it in chunks and steam it with my carrots.

Celery is also nice braised.

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Good going Pete

Congratulations on the weight loss so far Pete! I agree, lots and lots of vegetables on the plate really help make a meal bigger and more filling than it would otherwise be.

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Wow! Well done you! Great result.

Fantastic weight loss, glad to have you pop in.. Success stories like yours are so encouraging..

cheering you on to the 50 pound target 🎉🎉🎉

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Pete576 stone

Thanks all I will let you know how the weigh in goes in the morning

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87down1st 7lbs

Wow you are doing really well and so close to your 50 well done and good luck tomorrow 👌

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Pete576 stone in reply to 87down

Thank you

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