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Buying food daily

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Has anyone controlled their plans by purchasing their food daily?

Firstly I know economies of scale make it more pricey, but I'm a single person household so the economies of scale are not as effective with me.

I spend about 40 a week on groceries but also i can easily spend a fiver in a day on a coffee or something from the staff cantine.

So it got me thinking, what if I give myself 10 a day and buy 1-2 days food at a time, I would reduce food waste (happens currently), I can choose what I fancy, I can folk out for nicer things (like a salmon fillet instead of pork chops), I wont have any extra food to binge on in the house as I'll buy only what I immediately need.

It is something I wanna try and I wanted to know if anyone else has had success with this approach?

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Hi, it's an interesting idea. Personally it wouldn't work for me as I would find it too tempting going into shops daily. Secondly I do like to buy a kg if meat and split it into 4 portions (for 2) then freeze. This works out cheaper for me. I'll be interested to hear if it works.

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I wouldn't try it, it's a 15 mile round trip to the nearest supermarket and it just wouldn't be cost effective.

I buy once, bulk cook, then freeze. Healthy ready meals at a fraction of the cost :)

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We tend to get our evening meal on a daily basis, but we are just round the corner from our nearest supermarket (1 mile there and back), as my OH and I take it in turns to cook. I get what I need for breakfast and lunch, plus essentials, once or twice a week. It works for us as we only get what we need for that meal.

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Dear Thero I think this a good plan for several reasons

1. You will be eating fresher food and in particular salad and vegetables which will taste better and be more nutritious

3. You will get extra exercise by walking to the shop regularly

4. You will throw less away

5. You are likely to plan your meals carefully

6. You won't be tempted to eat randomly by having too much at home


Anything is worth a try :) I know I would be tempted to go through the choc aisle, but if you can avoid that then it might just work for you.

Good luck.

conversely why not try what bodybulders and people who have to eat exact calorie amounts daily for body compostion reasons and meal prep in advance. Make several days worth of meals you can weigh out and exactly measure the macros and calories of, pack the in tupperware. Freeze the latter part of the week if needed and refrigerate the rest. May lack a little in variety but guarantees hitting your calorie and macro targets day in day out.

I buy food almost daily, if I have crisps or biscuits I would just binge on it.

It's nice to buy fruit fairly fresh. It suits me.

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I do a weekly shop for house hold things then buy fruit and veg every other day. So food is fresh and does not get thrown away. If there is any leftovers I can make soup or do a stir fry. That can help to have less to waste. But it is what ever is the best for you.

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Interesting that you say this - I've been debating doing something similar. I also live on my own and tend to do one big shop every three weeks or so and then just pop out to pick up small things when they run out (milk etc). The problem for me is I buy loads of fruit and veg looking forward to eating it all and planning meals but then it's physically impossible for little old me to eat that much before it starts to go bad. I drive past a supermarket every day, and I'm starting to think perhaps I should just go on in every day or every couple of days and get things to cook for dinner so that it's always fresh. I suppose the question is really whether it's possible to resist getting a little treat each time too.

I have a tiny fridge and freezer (I've hated the damn thing from the second I got it), which also leads me to thinking more regular trips might be better. If this isn't the case with you I'd support what the others say about making things in bulk and freezing it. When I cook a dinner from scratch I always cook enough for a few days.

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thero_cpd in reply to Pseud0nym

I don't have a freezer

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