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As I suspected!!


Thank you so much everyone for your replies to my post last night. It made me realise just how much I have missed being on here and missed the support which is so, so valuable.

At last I weighed myself this morning and as expected I had certainly put on weight. I am very, very ashamed of myself for being so off course, greedy and short- sighted.

I have put back on one of the 4 stones I lost 🙁.

That serves me right because I know I've been eating too much and eating empty calories and had got myself back to the bad mindset of thinking 'it'll be alright'. It isn't alright and I knew that I was not feeling good physically or mentally. My hips and knees really hurt again and the smaller clothes I bought are starting to get too tight.

It is so true that the more you eat, the more you want in my case. I ate when I wasn't hungry, I ate when I was stressed at work, I ate when I felt sad, I ate when I felt happy too! 😮

It will change again. I had a long talk with my husband last night and we talked about our eating and what we need to do to get back on track. Now it's out in the open that's it really.

Time for action!

Happy Sunday everyone 😊😊☀️

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Well done for addressing this before you put on anymore more. Sounds like you had a positive talk with your husband and I biro he is a good support for you. You can get that stone off before the end of summer -(what summer?!) but do it slowly looking for choices you can maintain. You are like me eating for so many reasons with hunger rarely being one of them. Keep focused, you can do this! 🤞

HappyBeeeRestart Nov 2020

Well done for starting afresh! You may have had a backslide, but you have intervened on yourself and you are talking about it openly with us and with your husband. That means you are serious about getting back to the right road, and you'll do it! Get positive about all the good things ahead now that you've copped on!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO!

Maybe this slip up iss a good thing in a way - have a think about what caused the slide back. Did something in particular trigger it, or was it something you neglected like recording food intake for eg? Was it a celebration that just didnt stop? All these things are danger zones for me. If you can pinpoint something(s) that are triggers for you maybe this will help you learn something really valuable about how you see the world, and in the process how to avoid destructive slips? Wouldnt that knowledge and power be so worth a wee stone setback!!??

Wishing you lots of luck on this fresh new go! Hope I'll see you in Daily Diary and maybe the weigh ins!

PS remember youve still lost 3 stone, you are a winner!

YellowRose554st 7lbs

Morning Jweanie

I'm so glad you have come back to the forum and been able to talk openly on how things have gone for you with your weight and being able to share it with your husband too. Today is a new start where you can start to rebuild on losing that stone and more along the way. You can do this and as you know there is so much support for you here so just shout out if your having a bad day. Good luck with your first week back.

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