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Hello again!


I haven't posted on here for two weeks and haven't done any meal planning or calorie counting.

Been very busy at work and stressed & not making any time for myself at all!

Feel I've let myself down badly especially after all the support I've received on this forum!

I felt I was just starting to get my head around things and whilst I hadn't achieved a great weight loss I was feeling so positive.

Hope this isn't yet another 'new start'.

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ZestHealthy SBMI

Hi Dazzle,

It can be tough when you're over-worked and stressed, so please try to be kind to yourself if you can, and cut yourself some slack. You can hopefully get back that feeling of positivity you had, and this will hopefully be a good week ahead of you.

I hope you can find some time for yourself - to enable you to get a balance and to help you to focus on things, and you can 're-start' - good luck!

Zest :-)

YellowRose554st 7lbs

Don't beat yourself up over it @dazzle just draw a line under the last 2 weeks and carry on. You can do this! Why not begin by planning each days calories and share it on the DD to make you more accountable to keep you on track and at the same time getting some extra support for yourself.

It's not another new start but just a blip along your journey, so just keep going.

dazzle in reply to YellowRose55

Thank you. I will fill in the diary later. No, I will do it now!!!

I've also been skipping breakfast which really doesn't help so will put that right this week!

YellowRose554st 7lbs in reply to dazzle


Skipping breakfast is never a good idea, so I'm glad to hear your having it again.

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