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Quick question about Fitbit


Would anyone here recommend the Fitbit & what are the overall benefits of using. I have seen the Fitbit come up in some posts.

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I don't personally use it as I'm not allowed to wear anything on my wrist at work, but my sister swears by her's. She says it has helped her get her steps in each day and has definitely made her walk more xx

hi Hidden i bought a poor-man's fitbit from amazon. a Nakosite brand around £18. the info that has been gathered wipes clear in a 24hour cycle. it may be capable of more than i use it for but i'm content with it. it counts steps, distance and calories, that's what i focus on. it helps keep me motivated (as i can see the numbers going up) to achieve my goal /aiming for 10,000 steps daily. good luck :-)

Weighless2 stone in reply to emielou

Before you get a fitbit check out the different types, if it needs to be linked to your phone and if your phone is compatible. I have a fitbit flex 2 which was bought for me as a birthday present. Unfortunately my phone isn't compatible so for the moment I am unable to use it.


Have a look at the Topic called Activity Trackers, Step-by-step, there's a lot of information there :)

Hi Step-by-step

I have one and love it! It makes me aware of when I am sedentary (it monitors how many hours you do less than 250 steps). It can link to my fitness pal although mine stopped to each other recently. It monitors when you are active and you can set goals. Great fun.

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Hi step-by-step

I have a Fitbit charge HR 2. It tracks steps, sleep, heart rate and you can enter in what you eat, how much you drink and how much you want to lose so it tells you whether your over, under or on target for your calories that day. I swear by my Fitbit. Using it last year whilst training for a 10k and half marathon I stuck religiously to logging everything I ate, drank, etc. and sticking to a healthy eating plan saw me lose 3 n half stone. Fitbit broke and some weight went back on but now got a new one and I'm heading back in the right direction ⬇️ 😊

My mum says her Fitbit has changed her life!


Thanks Hidden emielou Weighless moreless Jules_T mrsdavis86 roseabi for your reply, I purchased my Fitbit charge 2 today.

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Yay!!! I always feel good when I get my 10000 steps 😇. I will even dance around or run up and down stairs if I'm in danger of not farting there. How sad is that!!?

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Farting?!? Love autocorrect supposed to say meeting it.

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How's it going with the Fitbit?

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Hi Jules_T I'm like a child on Christmas morning😀 Delighted with it, thanks for asking.


I have a fit bit Zip, it doesn't do as much as some of them, it counts my steps, calories and distance. I can log walks on it. I wear it attached to my bra, it has made a difference to the effort I make to move. I wouldn't be without it.