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Too many calories


I have just finished day one and have tracked everything I have eaten 1426 calories.

When I used the NHS calorie calculator it said I should eat between 1520 and 1700 to lose weight. Well I am worried eating 1426 as I feel I will not lose weight so to eat any more seems mad. I think I will aim for 1400 for a couple of weeks and see what happens - fingers crossed I will lose something xx

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It does feel a bit mad I know. Don't worry, I'm sure you will be fine eating around 1400, its not that much less. If its not working, or you stop losing after the initial couple of weeks, then you know what you need to try first! Best of luck!

Thanks - best option I think 1400 and up my activity levels to help.


I know it seems against everything you would expect but I would aim for 1700, maybe a little less so you can have a few extras at the weekend, and see how it goes, ☺

This post explains why

Weygirl in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thank you - had a look at the post. Think I will give what I am doing a go for a couple of weeks and if not working maybe I will try it out.

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