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Tips to increase metabolism?


Aside from walking/running, strength exercise, and diet? Has anyone tried some deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator microcirculation therapy? Just wondering if you heard it before... this was just recently introduced by a friend to me whose been using it over a year, like me she has a slow metabolism and it seems working with her. I just need some honest opinion from anyone in this forum. I really want to lose weight and as soon as I lost some 5-10 lbs- things get challenging.

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Ceals3 stone

Never heard of it EvahLinear but I will be following the post with interest. My metabolism is ever so slow and anything that can help ...

Hi EvahLinear. Out of interest what is it?

It's used for improving blood circulation/ oxygen flow around the body in people with circulation problems and specific health problems. Most people can improve their circulation by exercising and eating green veg etc. Have a google of foods that produce nitrous oxide. Can't see why it would help with weight loss. If this is somebody else's medication then you certainly shouldn't be taking it.

You're going to get better results by modifying what and how much you eat rather than by taking any kind of supplement.

As I looked at it in their website, by using google, deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator microcirculation, under the Use drop down for active lifestyle. They put some science why and how it improves weight loss by improving oxygenation etc. It would be great if somebody here has heard or tried this before I purchase... I trust my friend you know but it's different if there is somebody that I don't know yet and can confirm how effective this one. I just need 20 lbs more to regain my healthhhh. And yes at this point anything can help!

I think what makes it very effective is it double's or enhance oxygenation to your muscles, it lessens recovery period as well (makes you feel less sore and so you can move more) and we all know that muscle is an active cell that takes up energy uses up carbohydrate- or surrounding fats- in short improves metabolism. I've been using it as supplement and so far, it improves my health a lot. It is also non-invasive so works really well with me.

I've read some interesting studies regarding basal metabolic rate increase, one was regarding Capsacin (the ingredient in chillies that make them hot!), so eating spicy food helps with metabolism, lowering sodium intake, and increasing caffeine intake having positive effects. Oh and short bursts of intense exercise rather than slow like 1 hour swimming etc.

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