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A tad confusing


Hi all

I just stumbled across this 'forum' though it is unlike any other forum that I have used..

But Having had a knee injury for the best part of a year, the physio recently informed me that I should start exercising again in earnest (within reason).

But as a result of little activity my weight has increased to around 112 kg which means that I am a fat bar steward... Which also puts extra strain on my aging knee which will never be fully recovered (I'm 50 this August)

So I now need to start exercising and monitoring my food/calorie intake.

So I need to explore the area for tips etc...

I live in North London close to Arnos Grove.


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Hi and welcome Fat_stab :)

We are none of us medical experts, just other fat bar stewards, but we support and encourage each other in a non-judgemental and encouraging way :)

I'll give you the link to our welcome newbie thread , which contains heaps of helpful tips and a link to the NHS 12 week plan


We also have a group weigh-in running now, which is great for keeping you on track in a motivational atmosphere.


There are also several exercise challenges, links for these can be found in the pinned post section to the right of your screen.

We come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and with varying degrees of mobility/fitness. I think you'll fit in perfectly ;)

I hope you'll be active on the forum and will join us in our group "activities"

All the best to you :)

You could follow me, I am mad and eat sugar free jellies, no simple carbs, balance of lots of veg, extra lean meat and fish no added fat, no diary apart from skimmed milk, no alcohol, no sugar. I am only doing 500-700 cal whic may be too low for most, but the principal is the same, I want my muscle's back! I also talk to my treadmill and daft dance (more like aerobics using muscle groups but low impact) to Donna Summer's 'I feel love' as my warm up followed by several other 80s dance hits. I have dodgy knees and had descended into no fitness. Week 3 for me nearly a stone down and I have more energy and less pain than I have had for years what even better is my quads are back ;)

Fat_stab in reply to TheHud

Hi and thanks...

That is something that may be worth considering even if just for a month to get my weight down quickly to a more mangeable level. That would also reduce the strain on my iffy knee which can only be a good thing.

What food intake are you doing each day? - any links ??

Thanks in advance


TheHud in reply to Fat_stab

No particular links, just years of working out what works and lots of research, advise from the medical profs etc. Breki I stick to either an egg and fruity sugar free jelly or banana other fruit and jelly, want the gelatine (edited fraudian slip there said gluten lol) in an attempt to help with collagen. Lunch, full can tuna in brine or the ready drained type and lots of pickled beetroot/cauliflower/replace with salad if you don't like pickles, swap egg around from Breki. Evening meal, at least 250 cal of extra lean meat, fish protein with as much veg as I can eat. Sugar free jellies as and when you feel the need, but to be honest i am not feeling remotely hungry at all. I am drinking earl grey, coffee, a couple of pepsi max's usually in the evening. I take a thyroid booster supplement when I remember and NADH. No idea if they do anything but they do no harm.

Breki, Jelly and banana or large boiled egg and some berries = 130 cal

snack if needed, fruit I prefer pineapple about 50cal max

Lunch, tin of tuna/chicken (small or a couple of slices) breast, pickled veg/salad = 200cal max

Dinner, no oil griddled steak, cut all fat off and (dab with kitchen towel to remove any its covered in), whatever veg you like. I love sweet heart cabbage, red cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, baby corn (limited) etc. I spice it up with onion and black pepper, garlic whatever I fancy adding. Approx 250 cal depending, alternate with baked or poached fish, chicken breast with tikka spices, garlic etc on (no pre packaged sauces)

I always eat the veg first so it does not get left if I start to get full in the evening.

I also count the skimmed milk in tea and make sure I am drinking enough to get the benefit from the vits and minerals. So about another 60 cal.

690 cal. Sometimes I am not very hungry and just have jelly and fruit for lunch, so its between 500 and 700.

Don't forget sugar free jellies are your friend ;)

Fat_stab in reply to TheHud

Never heard of sugar free jellies....

Will google them now

TheHud in reply to Fat_stab

Just had a word with my super fit friend who is a crossfitter, its pretty much her diet I have followed but because she competes she eats more and adds nuts etc. I am staying away from nuts they don't like me. She eats 'clean', works full time plus has horses to look after, competes in cross fit championships and takes training sessions in it most nights she is not doing something else. She eats pretty much all the time but does not have simple carbs. Obviously we don't need to fill up on giant spinach smoothies with protein power bars lol But people are always amazed when they look at any athletes diet and just how normally they eat, apart from dead carbs.

Gonti10 kg

Hi Adrian

You're in the right place. It's happened, you may as well enjoy yourself getting healthy again.

I spent months on crutches after a fall. I still have bad arthritis in both aging knees. I got addicted to exercise while still on crutches.

Hers what I know about being the fatbarsteward (what's that about?) and trying to get fit with an incredibly painful knee.

1. Cycling, mess around with the seat height because stretching your knee might hurt. I started off cycling in the gym and when I could manage 10 minutes without pain started doing part of my commute by bike.

2. Gym weight machines, anything that doesn't hurt. Start with low weights and loads of reps.

3. Do every exercise the physio recommends and then lots more stretches. Anything that doesn't hurt too much.

4. If swimming is too painful then get in the kiddie pool and do things like squats and lunges and jogging that hurt too much on land. I did that for a month. Once you can get in the adult pool you'll develop great shoulder mass if you swim arms only. It took me six months to do 25m of kick but my swimming is the best it has ever been now.

5. Keep notes and measure everything because things will improve and it is incredibly motivating to realise this. For example I can now lift more than you currently weigh and you will too in a few months.

I like the idea of dancing on the treadmill to Donner Summers.

Let us know how you get on.


IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Gonti

Agree with everything here 😊 Similar problems, Physio/exercise and weight loss and I too can dance to Donna Summer's!!! Lol 😂😂😕

TheHud in reply to IndigoBlue61

Just don't try it on the treadmill you two, do the daft dancing on terra firma. I do it in front of a full size mirror so i can make sure the various muscle groups are working properly, especially legs, i don't do impact dancing and my treadmill nearly had me today, last time i use one of its programmes :)

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to TheHud

Eeeek?? Full length mirror?? Not that brave 😂😂😂

TheHud in reply to IndigoBlue61

I am conditioning myself to accept myself. It's been a month long thing since I accidentally saw myself and nearly died of shock. It was the final straw in a few final straws. I figure I am never going to like what I see and say 'yeah baby' . So it's better I get used to me before and as I tone and slim. It lets me focus on the bits that wiggle too much, sort out posture, try to dance without looking too daft ;)

Just generally get to know myself. It's been a long time ;)

I started at the same weight as you, 8 weeks ago, and have lost 9kgs just by following the 12 week plan and my exercise restricted to DIY and some heavy gardening but i can feel the benefits of less strain on my joints and more flexibility. Keep a food diary and count the calories Adrian, oh and if you really are a Fat Barsteward make sure you only serve alcohol to the customers :-) Cutting down drastically on the booze has helped me enormously :-) John

Evening all, and thanks for your kind words and advice.

Some of it is rather relevant. Cycling will start soon, I have done various charity rides including 900 miles from JoG to LE. I've cycled >100 miles in one day on several occasions!!

My real issue is my diet, portion size and snacking esp in cheese and so have stopped buying it. I have started to read the 12 week diet sheets. However If I am exercising regularly I will need to eat some calories other wise I won't have the energy to get up and start exercising.

My alcohol intake has dropped somewhat actually over the last 12 months or so, which is good news not that I am a voracious drinker, my real weakness is cheese!



I bought a mini 'under-desk' type cycle machine after advice from Physio to help with flexibility after ankle surgery, very gentle exercise 😊 I go quite fast on it now, also work my arms 😊 No - weight bearing so good for my arthritis. I also walk and swim. (Hoping to manage 5k walk very soon, been building up from zero, up to 4K now 😊 Twice a week. )

Every little helps😊

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