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A trying February


February proved to be a trying month for me, very trying. My first of the month weigh in yesterday saw just a 2lb loss registered for the whole 29 days, rubbish. I am trying to remain positive though, knowing that bar a couple of minor 'blips' I have done the best I could. It is a loss, so I will accept that and move forward to make 1/4/16 weigh in a better number.

I have worked 12 of the last 14 nights and have relied heavily on carbs, mainly in the form of bread. Not a good move I know. My daughter is getting married next year and the cost is staggering, hence the overtime. I will be footing the bill without any help from her Dad or her partners parents ( amazing how many excuses are given AFTER the venue, etc... is booked and assurances that the bill would be shared before it was booked). So for the next 12 months I will be working 5 extra shifts every month to find the £1000 per month needed. This really means I have to get my head into gear and sort out what I am going to eat, the carb reliance has to stop if I want to keep losing the pounds of fat and have the energy to keep up my work hours to gain the monetary pounds. Good nutrition is imperitive, as will be strict planning.

On a lighter note, the puppies joined our household on Sunday night, they are delightful and have settled in remarkably well. Alfie is still wary of them, but has shown no aggression at all ( we were a little worried as he is a typical JR who doesn't take well to other dogs at all and he has had sole attention for the last 3 years). I think he realises that they are puppies and isn't threatened by them, he has let the pups take any of his toys EXCEPT balls - he guards these well, lol. We are introducing the puppies and Alfie for short intervals together and feeding seperately at the minute. Hopefully they will be good playmates within a short time.

This week is my short week in work and I am only picking up 1 extra shift, so that means I am doing 3 nights from tonight. Next week I am sticking to my 5 normal shifts. So hopefully I can plan my meals well. Today Breakfast: light croissant with scrambled egg and griddled tomatoes (250kcals). Lunch: salad with Heck chicken sausages ( only 78 kcals for 2 chipolatas) and a pot of homemade yoghurt with a few strawberries (250kcals). Dinner: Stew made with quorn, sweet potato, butternut squash, carrots, onions and fine beans in a tomato based gravy (300kcals). Work: Soup ( homemade broccoli and stilton) and 4 crackerbreads with whipped philly on (250kcals), banana (100kcals).

Hope everyone has a good week, I am about to go for a walk with an unimpressed Jack Russell in the snow ( he really hates getting wet, lol ). 🤗

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Hi, Sorry about the not enough weight lose :(

I know you are working very hard but it is a good time to actually lose weight. My hubby did so well because he was working. I suspect its the stilton, squash, sweet potato making up those calories, if it does not shift at least you have some leeway :)

Are you adding up all calories including milk in drinks etc.

He ate 5 pieces of fruit a day, made his own bowl of stuff for breki, lots of blueberries a handful of oat's, crushed nuts, semi skimmed milk. He then only ate fruit and a 0 fat yogurt until evening meal which was lean meat or fish, no sauces and lots of veg no simple carbs. If he was hungry he ate more fruit. I can't do all that fruit. He has maintained for 4 years nearly, he lost about 3 stone in 6 months. He still has at least 3 fruits a day and often more. He has never gone back to eating chocolate, sweets, cakes, biscuit's unless forced to ;)

He also stopped drinking any alcohol, which he does now so that was not a permanent give up.

I am also on the wagon and its not bothering me one bit lol

Very best of luck, we all need it!

Hi ShellieL,

Great to hear from you, and I hope you're enjoying your walk with the unimpressed Jack Russell in the snow - hopefully he'll enjoy the getting warm and dry bit afterwards! :-)

I liked reading your meals for today - they all sound really tasty. I hope you enjoy each and every one of them.

I know you're disappointed about the 2 pound loss, but losing half a pound per week is actually a steady and consistent loss - and over the year it would mean you would lose 24 pounds, which is a considerable amount of weight - nearly 2 stone. (I really hope that is correct, as Math isn't my strong point). But anyway, I thought it was a good loss, even though I know you weren't feeling too pleased about it.

I think you've got a lot on your plate in terms of funding your daughter's Wedding - but at least when the big day comes you can sit back in pride and know that it was down to you that it was funded! You can be a proud Mother of the Bride, and I am sure you will look great too.

Hope you have a good month ahead and that your next weigh-in on 1st April will be a good one.

Lowcal :-)

Hi ShellieL :-) Sounds like you are a very busy lady with all those hours you are putting in to fund your daughters wedding and what a lovely mummy you are :-) I am sure your daughter will have the best day of her life and you can take pride in what you are doing for her :-) My mum cried at my wedding and she just couldn't stop as she was so proud to see her youngest daughter get married :-)

Well done on losing 2 lbs in Feb and let's see what March brings your way and hopefully the weather perks up for you.

Those meals all sound really nice and you have your calories down girl :-) it's great that you are able to keep on top of everything with your meal planning and with the new additions to your household, aww little pups :-) I would love a puppy.

Wishing a great month ahead and hope that you manage to find time to relax in between everything best wishes ShellieL x

Trafford1 :-)

Hi ShellieL - you sound very down and not your usual positive self - although you're definitely still very determined and I can see you're taking a healthy perspective on your 2lb loss for the month. Now you're weighing monthly I can understand that there's a feeling of pressure to achieve a bigger loss. But remember that a month is only 4 weeks and anyone can have a few duff weeks, especially at this time of year when there's not much light and we're all craving the warmth. Let alone considering the tiredness you must be feeling from working those extra shifts. I think 2lbs loss in a month where you know you've been turning to more immediate energy sources is a very respectable loss. You've definitely kept the trend downward, and you've also proved that despite some decisions being less healthy than others, your overall diet is very healthy at the moment, and you're overall staying in control. If you carry on at this rate that will be almost 2 stone lost by the end of the year - surely a great goal to aim for. Wishing you lots of strength, determination, energy and love :)

ShellieL7lbs in reply to Ruth_canal_runner

I admit I am struggling a little at the minute Ruth, so many little things adding up to make what seems a mountain out of tiny molehills. My downbeat mood has not shifted since my Mums internment a few weeks ago. I will be fine though, I bounce back from negatives quite quickly usually. This episode is just taking a little longer. I bought shoes for my nephews wedding last week to cheer me up, the dress I am leaving until the week before. The shoes are really funky, nothing like I ever go for, but they made me smile when I saw them and they fitted perfectly - meant to be obviously, lol. Have a great weekend hunny. 😊

You are a very strong person Shellie, I really admire the way you step up and deal with things. Enjoy the pups :)

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