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Enough already


Hopefully writing this will get me back on track.

I have spent the last few months battling depression and then once I started to turn the corner decided I would just eat what I wanted because I knew I could lose it again.

Well my new weight is 145.3, up 6 kilos from when I came here in September and most of that has been put on in the last couple months.

Night times are incredibly bad for me and thats the time that I food sin. The rest of the day I eat well I usually hit my 10,000 steps but then s the sun goes down the evil one on my shoulder starts whispering in my ear.

"It'll be OK just one more bag of chips, you can start tomorrow"

"Last time you lost weight quickly so what does one more huge chocolate block matter - you can do it tomorrow"

"Yes its harder to get your shoes on but another bowls of chips won't change that in the morning"

It seems that every day its tomorrow and all those tomorrows are mounting up along with my weight.



I promise myself and youse :) that starting today no more crap.

The first few nights will be hellish I know that and my addiction will be screaming in my ear (I have even been in bed at 10 o'clock at night and ended up going to the store for chips - thats how bad it can be) but if you can all think of me as you start your day over there and send me good vibes I just need to get through a couple of nights with no rubbish and it will get easier from there.

So - its on again and I am ready.


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Try reading before bed. If you read, you will have no extra hands for a bowl and bags of chips.

sigh. I have no words of wisdom. But just to say I understand and I'm sending you good thoughts and wishing you strength for the next few days which will probably be tough but which you can undoubtedly overcome : )

Stay strong, your going to do well & achieve that goal for sure.

Stay strong, Dave. We're all sending good thoughts over. You've done so much for us with your ideas and posts (pledge just for one day for instance). We all know you can do it cos you've helped so many of us on our journey.

You're ready. Hold that thought, Dave. You know you can do this, hard as it is. Think of how great it will feel when you've lost those pounds again. Sending you all good wishes and prayers this evening. 😃

Fran182716Restart August 2020

Sending good vibes halfway across the world, you can do this, and everyone's cheering you on ☀️

Hi Dave, sending super strong good vibes to you! I think night time is the worst time for most of us! I've been reading back on some of your earlier posts, and you've been so supportive to us all and full of good advice! So take heart from all of US! Stay strong, you can do this! I'm finding it difficult this week but I'll think of you when im thinking of snacking! And you - come on the forum! Talk to us, hope you have a good evening! (Not sure wot time it is in Sydney ) I have a friend who lives near Perth and I think their about 8 hrs in front of us. Good luck Dave :) :) :)

Well done on recognising those temptations - I am sure once the first few days are completed, it will get easier (at least a little)

You can do it😊

Sending strength, good feelings and determination your way 😊 💪 !!!!

Is there something you enjoy doing (hobby) that might help distract you in the evenings?

Or maybe prepare something light but nice in the daytime that you could eat as a 'treat' in the evenings?

Maybe, if the thoughts come, grab you phone and post like mad ?

Wonderful photo! Take one night at a time, waking up the next morning, knowing you have managed is a triumph. Do you have time to walk during the day- it's a relaxing activity, gives you quality time. A little bit each day and night. Reward yourself with something that is outside of the food department. You must like photography - get a new camera, new lenses and in the evenings plan photos instead of watching tv.

Sending good vibes :) x

i have no words of wisdom or answers to send you but good vibes and positive energy I can do so here they come!


Wish I knew the answer . . . My hubby is an evening snacker . . . i save some calories for a snack which helps but really there isn't an easy solution . . . Good luck anyway 😊 Have faith in your self 😊

OK, 3 hours before your bedtime. Drink lots of water, have a tasty, healthy snack and keep busy.

Lots of good vibes coming from over here.

get back on track Dave and try not to buy those sinful foods! Best of luck, I know it isn't easy coping at times but you know how much better you felt when you were 6kgs lighter, think of that - onwards and downwards John :-)

lt is not an easy ride when you have food for comfort, l am having struggles, so does lots of people nowadays , as food is stuck in your face which ever way you turn , especially on the telly , all the time , l do wish you luck and hope you can stay strong , do not let it beat you , you can always get help. [telling that to my-self as well ]


You can do it Dave! Drink plenty of water and have healthy snacks available. Don't have chips and chocolate in the house if you can't resist yet.If you find yourself outside about to walk to the shop turn in the opposite direction and walk the impulse off, twice as good as you get exercise as well as not eating naughty. I know you can do it :)

I feel for you......my eve snacking is my downfall at the moment. Would swapping chips for salted popcorn help??? Good luck and let hope tommorow os indeed better.

ZestHealthy SBMI

Hi Dave,

Wishing you success with your plans, and sending you warm vibes. You can do this!

Lowcal :-)

Hi Dave,

You can do this - you've done it before. The thing that made the difference for me this time around is taking up a low carbohydrate high fat diet. Evening snacking was my worst downfall. Cutting out all the sugar, manufactured meals and grains (flour, pasta, rice, quinoa), potatoes, root vegetables, etc, and meanwhile following recipes that include fatty cuts of meat, and cooking using butter, cream and lard, alongside healthy portions of "good" veg like cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, and salads means I am never hungry. I am down to 2 meals a day, and find I have no interest in snacking at all. I used to sit and twitch in the evenings, my mind constantly focussing on what I could get from the kitchen or from my husband's huge stash of chocolate, sweets and crisps - I don't even have the faintest urge to do this now - I get on with reading or watching the telly or using the computer and then it's bedtime and no snackage has happened or been missed. I have never experienced this before; it is amazing.

This may not work for everyone - I described the diet to my sister and she hated the sound of it. We have very different tastes in food. But I would recommend giving this a go - if only for a short while to break that sugar craving/addiction. It really jump-started my "I'm full" messages in my brain which hadn't worked for years.

Good luck with whatever you do.

skinnylizzie2 stone in reply to Purple_faced_woman

I have done exactly this and the same thing I do not get the cravings so try and cut out the carbs and sugar and take up new hobby with hands etc this will help to motivate you as you will look forward to that time. How about a musical instrument. If you have never played before a recorder or tin whistle is easy. I could only play the recorder but always wanted to play clarinet ,so when I was 37 I bought one and progressed to saxophone which is actually easier than clarinet. The thing about music is it makes you feel good. good luck

Good luck Dave, you can do it, I know it is hard, but you can overcome the cravings. It gets easier the more often you resist.

(I used to wake up at night and snack, but as my diet has improved with a lot of healthy foods, that has stopped. Also, I allow myself a once a week treat of crisps on weigh-in day and that is enough to keep me going)


I find the same i start to get lonely and bored at night or miserbale so start eating- I've started going to the gym- which has stopped me eating- if I can't gop to the gym I go out for a run. By the time I get home I'm knackered so I sleep well and not sure why but i don't feel particularly hungry after excercise- good luck and postive thoughts- not a case of if i can but you will :-)

Hi dave, I read that tomatoes and chicken, are 2 good foods to eat before bed. So every night, when I want to snack, I put a few cherry tomatoes and a couple of slices of packet chicken, onto a small plate. So it fills the gap and I know it's doing me good as I sleep. Good luck mate, rob

Every time you hear that devilish voice - imagine us all shouting out 'YOU CAN DO THIS DAVE' and draining out that evilness! Best of luck Dave - sending positive thoughts :D


You can do this Dave, but I think for you, it's time to go cold turkey! You've done it with your other drugs and it's time to do it with junk food.

The first couple of days will be tough, but once you're over them, the cravings will disappear and you will be back in control.

You have no idea how good it feels to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not, eat to live and not live to eat. This nirvana is yours for the taking Dave, so reach out and grab it!

I am exactly the same as you.I eat well all day them blow it in the evening. Even when I go to bed having had a good day.2 in the morning I'm back down stairs eating

I am going to do better today hopefully. And so are you!

Thinking of you Dave. Keep us updated. Sending good vibes, esp at 10pm! Just got to work out when that is for you... Approx 10am here? :)

We've pretty much all been there, Dave (or somewhere very close, at least).

Try doing your 10,000 steps in the evening, in the opposite direction from the shops. That works for me.

It also means that, at some point, I'm 5,000 steps away from the fridge, which can only be a good thing. ☺

A hard one Dave.

What I would do is get rid of all the junk food in the house. Then fill my stomach with "healthy" food so I am not hungry. Say : three serves of veges, or a bowl full of salad, Fruits. Just to get my stomach full.

We had fish and salad tonight. Salad was left over Cabbage, tomatoes, celery, onion with a bit of lemon juice, then I had 5 radishes with butter and a small portion of bean salad (4 beans mix can, onion, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper) . To finish : strawberries. I am now full full full. My husband had zucchini with his salad and bread and butter.

The other thing I do in the evening is to play puzzles. I download puzzles from Apple. 1 puzzle takes me around 15minutes. 4 puzzles per hour then bed time.

Maybe watching tv is conducive to snacking? Find an activity you like instead. Reading? Playing games?

You are in the Easten States and it is summer, so go to a beach and walk along the shore after dinner and smell the air. How about fishing? My husband had some lovely tailors tonight. By the time you catch and clean them It will be time for bed.

Let us know how you get on.

You give me some hope as I have been on that night addiction also. My inability to walk has put some strain on me also looking for excuses and having no one to push me forward. I will start back up on Thursday where I was given a new Physical therapist who will come for a week and get me started again. Good Luck to you

Good for you ,all big journeys start with a single step . as long as your going forward. One step back two steps forward. I am with you there buddy on the same journey. We will get there it may be a marathon. Good luck on your quest

Yep, that little devil was sitting on my shoulder and whispering those same things in my ear for a few weeks after Christmas, it wasn't easy to get rid of him but I think I may have seen him off, just hope I can keep him away but as we all know he creeps up on you when you least expect it.

Tomorrow never comes so start today. Good luck Dave and my very best wishes to you.

You will get there Dave, no worries, take it a day at a time of even an hour at a time if it helps( especially the nights)

If you feel you need nibbles what about carrot sticks of try thinly sliced roasted parsnips not quite chips but at least it's a healthy nibble 😃

Do you means chips as in chips or chips as in crisps ???


Just a thought - by chips do you mean what we call crisps? If so, I am addicted to them, but fortunately live 20 miles from a shop so can't pop out. I find an alternative is celery with some olives - does the crunch & the salt.

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