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Stats, stats and more stats!

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As some of you know, I have set up a health diary to record my progress this year.

I have set some goals based on improving my health and therefore my fitness and weight.

Well I have always been one for stats and data... yesterday I started to have a look back at my fit bit. Wow! What a valuable tool it is! I was so excited I had to share! 😊

I have taken lots of the data and transferred to my diary so I can compare each week or month as I go along. (I like to beat previous achievements! )

So I now know the steps I took in each month and the miles I travelled. I also know the total number of minutes of continous activity by month. For all these 3 areas I therefore know the total for year and last year's daily average! (Daily average steps was 5909 for example, so my goal is 10k steps a day but an absolute minimum has now been set at 5909! )

I have also noted my average weight by week for each week last year. What an eye opener that was!

For all my on off efforts last year I basically over the year stayed the same... well at least I didn't go up!

Although stepping on scales this morning, I have already beaten last year's heaviest weight... yikes... but come Monday I will start the health push and hope to make some new records that are somewhat lower!!

So excited!

3 Replies

Wow Asics, impressive stuff! :)

There have been a lot of questions concerning the pros and cons of fitness gadgetry, so I hope you'll get out on the forum and extoll the virtues of the fitbit :)

This is one subject that I don't get involved with as I don't own any gadgets at all, not even a smart phone :)

Enjoy!! :D

asics in reply to moreless

Will do! Will update on the use of all these stats too.

On another note I loved the idea for the stand for your bike so you can use indoors too.

Do these fit any bike or do you need a specific bike?

Thanks moreless! 😊

morelessAdministrator in reply to asics

The stand I have fits a bike with a wheel size of 26 - 28", I guess if your bike is a different size to that, you may have to get a different stand. Mine is a Volare Elite.

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