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Please would you tell me exactly what you eat on the "2 Days"?


I am not doing at all well, temptations seem to be all around me and I know I am weak-willed - disgusting is n't it!

I am 76, at 13st + and height 5'6"and do not seem to have the energy I need to exercise apart from some walking, which I endeavour to do with a good pace and uphill I puff somewhat. Anything more energetic causing me aches and pains - back mostly. Any tips would be appreciated.

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ZestHealthy SBMI

Hi p1r9k3s8,

I think that walking is really good exercise generally - so it's great that you are already walking and doing so at a good pace and uphill as well. I agree with you that there are often lots of 'temptations' around, and the fact that you give into those sometimes is not disgusting at all - just human nature. I find that if I plan some snacks into the day, then I feel more in control of what I eat and more likely to be able to say 'no' to any unplanned temptations that may come my way. I tend to have a snack in the mid afternoon - and usually have half an apple or half a pear, with a few nuts (usuallly 4 brazil nuts; 6 almonds and a couple of walnut halves) and I usually have that with a very small portion of natural yoghurt. It is tasty and filling and helps me to avoid more calorific snacks.

I hope you are finding the rest of today better and that you have a good week.

Lowcal :-)

Thank you, I will give that a try, but is that snack on the days when you are "fasting", if so what about the rest of the day? I do not normally eat between meals. I suppose I could call that snack lunch and have it around 12.30pm when I am at home. I have 35grams of Bran Flakes or Porridge (with skimmed milk) for breakfast with a couple of prunes and apricots or banana, also two cups of tea with semi-skimmed milk, and sweetener.

My "main" meal of the day varies either at lunchtime or supper time (6.30pm) according to what I am doing that day. That is usually Meat and at least 3 veg, or fish at least once a week. If I have eaten my main meal in the middle of the day, I have something on toast - scrambled egg, or salad with a little cheese or slice of ham - maybe a small slice of cake if there is some here, not always, in which case it would be a lowest fat Yogurt.

I do feel that exercise is my main stumbling block - I do not walk far every day but gave myself a pat on the back on Sunday as I pushed my husband in his wheelchair from his residential home to church and back - that is about 15 minutes each way, thankfully mostly level or I don't think I would manage it.. I needed a sleep in the afternoon, I can tell you. As the weather improves hopefully I can take him out more often - that will be good for both of us. Look forward to hearing from you. p1r0k3s8

ZestHealthy SBMI in reply to p1r9k3s8

Hi p1r9k3s8,

Sorry, I just realised that you were asking about 'fasting' and so you must be thinking of trying the 5:2 diet or something similar to that. I was talking about a snack between meals on a different regime - i.e. I wasn't doing any fasting days myself. I'm just trying to control my portion sizes, and eat healthy foods and exercise. I have tried fasting in the past, but I have to admit that I found it too difficult to stick to, so I don't do it anymore, but I know that some people do find fasting to be helpful to them.

You mentioned what you have for breakfast, and I also like to have Porridge (I have mine with unsweetened soya milk and I add a teaspoon of honey to it). Your main meal (meat or fish with three veg) sounds nice and healthy, and also the toast with scrambled egg or cheese or ham sounds tasty too.

It must have been quite strenuous to take your husband out on Sunday - but like you say it is enjoyable for both of you, and it was a lovely sunny day. Hopefully the weather will be improving now that it's officially Summer!

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


I did the 5:2 diet for a week and lost 4 lbs - I subsequently gave into all temptation so I'm not the best advert for it! However, I plan to do it again when I hand in a masive work project and get my life back!!

On the days I fasted I ate a late breakfast of some fruit and then had a small snack for lunch such a a piece of wholemeal toast. I then had a 'bigger' evening meal which was about 300 calories, I had a small portion of fish and some steamed vegetables but no sauce etc. To be honest I was completely surprised that I could survive on such little calorie intake but I didn't feel hungry at all - but I had planned my fast days to be on days I was busy at work!

I definately felt healthier and more energised but was also hungry the next day and worried about piling all my good weight-loss efforts back on. However, like I say, I did lose weight that week. I will hopefully be doing this from next Wednesday again and will let you know in a fortnights time how it effected my weight loss.

There are some good 5:2 recipe ideas on google searches, just type in "5:2 recipes". I was quite surprised what I would be allowed! Also, when I did it I used pre-packed food (which I NEVER usually do) but this allowed me to monitor really accurately what I was eating - heinz vegetable soup was 196 calories I think! Maybe that would help you keep track on the fast days??

Good luck and let us know how you get on! :o)

Being a mature person it is a good idea to get checked out by your GP before doing a diet that involves fasting. I'm sure you are perfectly healthy but the 5:2 diet could make you very ill if you have undiagnosed diabetes and one of the symptoms of diabetes is tiredness. Also it may be wise to get your b 12 checked as the body can become unable to absorb b 12 a complaint called pernicious anaemia. Your GP could also check your thyroid checked. If you are fit and healthy then maybe the 5:2 will be for you but if you lack will power you might find it is worse than useless. You might be better following either the 1400a day plan or 1900 if a man or get a personalised allowance thro the app My Meal Mate.

Regarding exercise swimming is good as the water takes the weight off the joints and make aqua exercise.

Well done for doing 5:2 - it's the best way of life and you're doing wonders for your health!

On my fasting days I have a bowl of home-made soup for lunch and then I have a small portion of meat or fish with a huge pile of steamed vegetables, then maybe a sugar free jelly or a small natural yoghurt for dessert. I found that when I stopped eating breakfast I felt far less hungry in the mornings.

At least on 5:2 you're only having to think about 'dieting' two days a week - just tell yourself you can have that treat tomorrow! Make yourself a drink and then keep yourself busy.

There's an excellent website (and phone app) called MyFitnessPal which has a very comprehensive UK database of foods and it certainly helps to log everything you eat on those two days.

Regarding exercise, on a nice day just get out and walk round the block.

There are some excellent YouTube videos by Leslie Sansone where you just walk in front of the computer or TV for 15 minutes for a mile, up to 75 minutes for five miles - no rolling around on the floor! They get the heart pumping on the days when the weather isn't good outside.

Have just tried the Lesley Sansone You Tube Walk a Mile video. It is excellent. Thanks for recommending it

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