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Feeling alone

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Hi all

I'm finding my partner is very unsupportive and quite nasty to me when it comes to my pcos and extremely heavy periods I've been in agony all week and hes very short with me - also very harsh when it comes to trying for a baby I feel very unsupported and on my own I'm even confused about if I want to be in the relationship as the infertility and the symptoms are just too much for the relationship- is this normal? I really dont know what to do or say - he thinks as I've had a miscarriage in the past that I will catch again easy but it's not that simple

Any kind words I'd be very grateful I'm feeling very low at the moment by it all x

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I’m so sorry you’re going through this 😢

Does he understand what you’re going through? If he doesn’t then that might be why he is unsympathetic and is being quite harsh. I would advise him to do some research and tell him you need him to be more supportive!

If he doesn’t accept you for who you are, then maybe it isn’t the right relationship for you? Again I’m so sorry you’re going through this 😢

When I was diagnosed I explained everything throughly to my partner, and he also has done his own research so that he can understand why I’m in so much pain, or why I have such bad skin / beard. Just having the information has helped us get through it together.

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Saladgirl86 in reply to LeahR

Thank you for replying hun! No he doesnt understand and I'm just at my wits end with it all - I know I need to do something I just feel trapped as we have commitments etc and financial dependences unfortunately which makes the situation really difficult I'm just feeling like rubbish anyway but to live with someone who doesnt understand or care is so hard- your partner sounds lovely by the way your so lucky x

If you are asking yourself why are you in the relationship. Why are you in the relationship? Life is too short. Is he good to you in other aspects? Heavy periods I don't believe is associated with PCOS, more endometriosis. Have you spoken to your doctor about all what you are experiencing?

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Saladgirl86 in reply to LisaEB

I know and yes well sort of its just a mess at the moment- I've had 3 operations for endometriosis which he was around for 2 of them - I'm under a consultant and I'm taking metformin and painkillers etc - I know life is short and I need to think straight God I sound so tragic - thank u so much for replying hun x

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LisaEB in reply to Saladgirl86

You are not tragic, I've had many failed relationships over the years, but with a super supportive guy now, they are out there. You need to let him know how you are feeling about everything and how he makes you feel and what he could do and say to support you. If he really is not good for you then consider moving on x

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