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Polycystic ovaries


Hi everyone, I’m only 18 and I struggle with polycystic ovaries but I really want a baby I don’t want to start trying to late, but I am scared to go to the doctors with only being 18 I don’t want to be judged but I need to go to the doctors so they can help me

Any advice?

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What do you want help with? Having a baby? You need to actively try for at least a year before they will help. Just because you have pcos it does not mean you cannot have children. I was pregnant at 18 and never had periods really until my 30s. I wasn't diagnosed until 25. My sister has pcos and had a child at 24. I would say stop worry about something if you haven't even tried. You have at least 12-17 good years of time to have a baby, so there is no panic. Even after this you can still have children, but I understand you are looking at sooner rather than later. Try enjoy what you can while you don't have children as they are the focus of everything once you have them and at least try for a bit, before panicking that you cannot.

I have been trying for just over a year Ano I’m young so many people will judge but nothing as of yet x

Ah ok, the judgement comes as you are on the young side. But if you have been actively trying they should be able to help you. Try something with my instol in it, it is supposed help regulate periods. Myova and alpha infolic are two products, but they aren't cheap, but they were recommended to me by an NHS fertility nurse.The say have sex once every two days, make sure you are a health weight, eat well and take folic acid, 5mg if you are over 30 bmi, keep active. Track your periods and ovulation, which is difficult with pcos I know with irregular periods or no periods at all.

Unfortunately when you want a baby, it doesn't happen as quickly as you'd like, I know couples who tried for years and they all went to have children, mostly naturally, eventually.

It may also be your partners sperm, so the issue may not necessarily be you.

It took me a year each time to get pregnant, so hopefully you may have some joy soon.

Good luck!

Thankyou! Xx

Am sorry but I dont agree with the ladies comment... from a young age I always wanted to have children, I was babysitting from a early age and just loved being around children... my story.. I was actively trying to fall pregnant with my partner for over 7 years, I was kept going to the docs but they wouldn't help me kept saying I was over weight at 12 stone. Finally at the age of 24 (I think) i was finally diagnosed with pcos. Over the last 10 years iv being on/off having fertility treatment just different tablets to help me ovulate. Nothing was working. In the meantime I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which can go hand in hand with pcos, anyway managed to finally get my sugar levels under control and fell pregnant, I now have a 11day old baby boy at the age of 34.... some women with pcos are lucky enough to fall easy others struggle like myself. I think your at a perfect age to go doctors and get as much help as you can to have a baby. Like I said its easy for some women but then there are some women that never get the chance of becoming a mum because time wasn't on their side. So sorry for the essay. Go doctors get the help you need. Good luck hun xx

Thankyou and congratulations! Xx

Thank you x

Nobody should judge you on your age for when you feel ready to have children (especially when you are of legal age), people are forgetting that 50 or 60 years ago people were married younger and having their first child at 18 or 19 and not being judged but congratulated, women are now feeling more and more pressure about having children whether they want them or not, I personally don't want children but are forever getting pestered by people with opinions on how I should live my life. You do you! and don't be affraid to seek support for your GP x

Thankyou! Xx

I am 44 I wish I was younger

I was not provisionally diagnosed until 35 formal until 40

I am not sure they would give you fertility treatment at this age

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