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Pocs and pregnancy


I have pocs and I can't get pregnant

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I have pcos and it took me 5 years to conceive my lb but that was with no help, how long have you been trying to get pregnant, and have you spoken to your gp about it as they can refer you to a gynecologists who do tests ect. Just never give up hope theres always a light at the end of the tunnel xx

I have been trying for more than a year

I feel your pain! I feel like I am in a never ending cycle of trying to be positive and help my PCOS symptoms and TTC. I am hoping to start Clomid next month, have you tried Inofolic alpha and taking vitamin D? Thats pretty good and does help get your egg quality much better. Like sweetchild1989 said, have a chat to your GP or gynecologist, they will be able to help you and work out the best course of action.

Its crap waiting for the one thing you want but cant get at the moment, seeing all of those friends and family with their perfect families. Just believe it will happen and try to ask for help from the doctors, its what they are there for xx

Hey, iv have been trying to fall pregnant for 9 years. Was always told to lose weight etc, was given clomid didnt work and also letrozole didnt work. Then was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which can go hand in hand with pcos. They finally managed to get my sugar levels to a normal range and gave me letrozole try again and I finally became pregnant currently 33weeks. Keep pushing and never give up. Can be a long process and totally heartbreaking but you will get there. I wish you all the luck

I have pocs and I can't get pregnant I know it is sad but when I was 21 I have my daughter and now I get told I can’t have no one because of my pocs but I am not going to give up I been told there is 5% and 10% we can have a kid bit it is to see how your hospital tell you if you are going to keep it or lost it I have 5 lost baby when I had my daughter and now I can’t get nothing

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