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19yo female

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Hiya these are my symptoms and I do t get much help from the doctors

I know I have pcos and possible endometriosis

REALLY LONG BLEEDING FOR LIKE 6 months at a time and bleeds in between

Going on since periods started at age 11

Recently massive clots


Sex is painful

Pains in the sides

Recently gained a lot weight 6st

Lots of stretch Marks on breasts stomach and legs

Massive clots

Deep pelvic pain

Sore breasts

Hair on head shedding

Body and facial hair

Very emotional


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Hi have you had any tests?

A few helpful things you can do to to ease the symptoms are try a low gi diet, try to avoid white carbs like bread, rice and sugar. Processed food isn't helpful either. Also exercise and being on the pill can regulate your periods and ease the pain.

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Than you the diet is somthing I need to change I litterlybhave no will power is so hard I’ve just quit smoking and I’ve tried the pill but my body rejects is for some reason x

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Smilithing in reply to LF19

You have made a start. Giving up smoking is not easy so don't be hard on yourself.

It took me a while to get my self into gear, I have been needing to start for ages, putting on weight and feeling like crap. I had to start eating better cos every time I went out for dinner with my mates I was being sick afterwards, don't know why and can't drink.

Have you tried a different pill?

Are you up to date on your smear tests as well? Have you been investigated properly for endo as pain generally is endo rather than pcos.

The combined pill can help with most of the pcos symptoms especially if you take 3 months on the trot. Depression and anxiety are a symptom of pcos so don't feel ashamed to go to your GP and discuss anti depressants, I was them with PND after having my son for a few years then came off them for about 5 years and went back on them a few years ago as I was struggling. In my view they are excellent and really help bring back the light at the end of the tunnel.

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