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Ovasitol side effects


Hi so I'm taking ovasitol which is seems to be having an effect on my bowels. I've been taking it now for around a month so I would have thought it would have settled it hasn't.

sorry tmi but my poo is bile coloured and fragmented all the time now i googled about the bile bit and read metformin can cause it to happen and as myo inositol is similar to metformin wondered if that could cause it ? I will add I've not been eating very well so wondered if that could be causing it too similar to when I was on met.

I'm also now suffering from very greasy skin and lots of spots which as a 36 year old isn't great lol the joys of Pcos eh 😐

Any ideas on how to improve my experience of taking this supplement?

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Why not try going off it, and then adding it gradually increasing the dose to what you're at now? That's what I've heard is good for preventing the metformin side effects.

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