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Been trying to conceive for 2 yrs

I am looking for some advice i am 41 yrs old and have been with my current partner for 3 years plus we are wanting to have a baby and we have been trying for almost 2 years and nothing happening i suffer with pcos and i only one ovary and tube due to having a 12.5cm cyst removed ten years ago i have lost a lot of weight and i exercise every day i have been to my gp and she referred me to my local hospital but the there were horrible to me and said that cos my partner already had children that we would have to pay for ivf etc there then said that there felt i wasn't ready and should go back before my 42nd birthday i went way so upset and i have since been back to my gp but i saw someone else and she said cos i had put a couple pound back on that she would not refer me i am so deserve to be a mummy and it breaks my heart when family and friends tell me there are having a baby i feel so let down 🙁

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That is really bad of your GP - what is your BMI currently as I know (stupidly) they go by BMI still even though it has been proven to be wrong. Sadly I do know that if your partner has children then you are very limited fertility wise from the NHS.

I also find it quite shocking you were told you weren't ready by someone who had only just met you, totally inappropriate in my view.

One thing for you to keep in mind is that with pcos our egg quality remains better for longer. Is your partners diet good as well as a 1/3 of fertility issues are now men and sperm can change so disregard that he has children already.

Have a look at the NICE guidelines on PCOS as it will advise you what to expect from the NHS which may help.

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I will do thank you so much, my partner is a healthy and diet is too he exercises alot and he has cut down alot on his smoking too which is good we really want too have a baby together and its getting me down so much every month when my period comes i get so upset 🙁 xx


I know - I would get your partner on the Boots Vit C and zinc tablets as they will give his wrigglers a little boost. My hubbie had lots of dead and two tailed but it improved by over 100% in a year so a little boost may help!!

Look at fertilityfriends website to track your cycle etc as sadly a period doesnt mean you are ovulating and you can ovulate without one (I had regular periods but rarely ovulated which is why it took so long to conceive).

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cazzabev Two years!! wow that is along time. Give some more information


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