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Ovulation & pregnancy test advice please?

Hi guys! Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

I have never posted on this page before as it is normally my endometriosis that caused me the issues. However me and my partner have been trying to conceive for over 12 months (since coming off Prostap as treatment for my Endometriosis).

I am currently waiting to see a fertility specialist however I have had appointment after appointment cancelled since February. Due to not having periods because of PCOS my Endometriosis consultant stated I have to take Northisterone 12 weekly. I last took it 2 months ago and ended up in hospital due to extreme heavy bleeding and was given medication to stop this bleed.

I know this doesn't make you ovulate however I am spending a fortune on ovulation and pregnancy tests and they are always negative. I was just wondering if people know when to do them if they are not having periods?

The constant negative tests are also so disheartening.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Holl x

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Don't use kits as they are really unreliable for pcos ladies. look at the fertilityfriends website on taking your temperature and to look for body signs as it is the only accurate way with pcos.

Has your partner been tested yet as 1/3 of fertility issues are now men, my hubbie went on the Boots Vit C and Zinc tablets and his improved by over 100% in a year (prior to that he had lots of dead and two tailed sperm).

You can ovulate without a period so dont focus too much on them, I had relatively regular periods but didnt ovulate.

You will get their in the end so try not to worry, but ditch the tests as they dont work for us.

Is your BMI under 30, partner and your diet good?


Thank you for your reply. I will start checking my temperature and looking out for the signs.

Yes my partner had to be checked prior to us being referred to a fertility clinic there are no issues that came up.

Ahh I did not know you could ovulate without a period I suppose that makes me feel a bit better.

My BMI Is just under 30 which is still too high I know but I am trying to exercise more, my partner goes to the gym and our diet is relatively good and balanced.

Again thank you for your reply xx


BMI is fine for fertility so don't worry too much. I had presumed a period meant ovulation - you learn a lot on the TTC route I have to say. I know lots of ladies that have conceived without a period so have no clue when they conceived.

You will get their in the end so try not to worry.


HI, I have only found out I have PCOS last week after years of trying and a misscaridge. I was getting so worked up about testing and ovulation that my brain nearly exploded. Hense why I went to docs and found out about PCOS. I found that the ovulation strip from amazon are brill - £5 for 30. It did show when I was ovulating. Hope all goes well for u..x


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