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PCOS doet

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering if anyone had any pearls of wisdom about a diet to help with PCOS?

From what I can gather from my surfing the internet / research..the main things are cutting out white carbs and a low GI diet. Does anyone know any different? Has anyone tried this and do you think it helps? Cutting out carbs will be hard for me! So if it does help that will help motivate me!

Just feeling a little down about it all today x thank you x

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Hi there,

I always have found a low GI diet to work best, I just tried to swap white pasta for wholemeal and picked brown Bread or rolls over white that way you still get it. I know not everyone likes brown Bread but I don't think the pasta tastes anyou different. I also always have sweet potato in place of normal! I personally found making these small changes did make a difference. I have also found the 5:2 diet works for me but that is only while I'm on metformin!

Hope this helps and good luck on your weight loss journey!


Thank you 😊I'll give that a go!


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