Help - advice please pcos

Hello, I am 23 years old, and have pcos but have recently started getting a lot of pelvic pain - randomly, no pattern etc... this weekend I was woken by the pain (crying it was so painful) then about 40 mins or so the pain eased with pain killers and heat ... i feel ok now, just feels like bad period pain now but without bleeding... is this normal for pcos? Or do I need to get an appointment with my doctor? Any advise appreciated. Thank you

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  • There is a link between endometriosis and pcos - pain generally isn't a pcos thing but is for endo, I would go to your GP and ask to be checked for endo as it is quite common to have both conditions

  • Do try and get an appointment with gp and push for a referral to an endo centre. This is exactly what I had from October and was back and forth from a&e. I've now been referred and have my first appointment with an endo consultant. Do push the gp, there's a list of bgse centres so have a look online and take it to your gp x

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