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Could it be ovulation?

Hello! I've been diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance, I've started a new diet and metformin increasing the dose weekly. I'm now taking 3 pills of 500mg. A couple of days ago I've started having pains in my ovaries and yesterday I had a clear discharge with streaks of blood. I was wondering if this was ovulation. I'm not temping or don't have a kit or anything.

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Look at the fertilityfriends website as it will advise the natural body signs to look for when ovulating. I wouldn't buy any ovulation kits as they tend to be unreliable for pcos ladies.


Thank you!



I found this helpful x


I thank you all for your reply. I don't think it was ovulation as I have now starting my perdions but they're really light which is strange as I usually have heavy periods.


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