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Recent Struggle

Hi Ladies, I have had PCOS since I was 13 and have always managed to keep on top of the things that go with it. However, 2 years ago I had my first little one and just can't seem to get weight/hormones&FACIAL HAIR back to a "normal" place. Looking for a bit of advice/support really as its starting to get me down and I would like to have some control back before I start thinking about no2! Thank you very much x

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It is quite difficult especially if you are going to be TTC soon and don't want to go on the combined contraceptive which makes all the above more manageable. I find it much easier to lose weight when on the pill. I put on 3 stone when TTC for Noah and once he got to around 1 I went back on the combined pill as was fed up of the facial hair, fat middle that wouldn't go and my hair on my head was thinning. It generally is the weight that makes the symptoms worse, I do the 5:2 fasting diet which I find really easy (now I have my head around it) but other ladies like Slimming World or Weight Watchers. Cut out carbs at night as that really helps me.

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Hi Hols969 thanks for your advice. I read about the 5:2 diet and it does look pretty manageable! I have managed to gain 3 stone in the last 13months with absolutely no change in diet/exercise just not taking the pill!! So as you said above that's definitely the answer! It's worth putting off TTC to loose a good amount of weight! Thanks again x

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I know its so depressing the gaining weight thing, mine just piled on when I came off the pill but as I was actively trying to conceive there was no option to go back on it. I exercised a fair amount too so was just so frustrating. I would go back on the pill if you are not actively trying - the other plus is that when you come off it your body is less pcos so you have an increased chance of conceiving quicker as well.

Just so you know our egg quality remains better for longer, I was 36 when I conceived Noah, so we can conceive much later than non pcos ladies (the only plus about pcos !!)

The 5.2 is really about mind over matter to be honest, initially you think I am ravenous but actually it totally changes how you feel about the grumbling tum. I was worried I may have had dizzy spells or things like that but I didn't at all, make sure you eat slow release carbs rather than the white stuff as those will help massively. 5:2 is cheap obviously as you are not eating so much and you don't need anything specific, just to keep your calories to under 500 on the fast days. I do watch what I eat on the other days so don't go wild. We naturally gain 2lb a month just by eating the recommended daily amount so we do need to eat considerably less just to maintain our weight...... depressing I know !!


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