PCOS Symptoms?

Hi, I have tried to research pcos symptoms but don't know if mine match up. I have fairly irregular periods, cycles last anything from 30 - 45+ days and periods usually last about a week. I get horrendous cramps for the first day and then they ease off for the second day. I've never had great skin, but wouldn't say it's acne, more just breakouts. I have trouble controlling my weight, but I also don't eat particularly well but do go to the gym 2-3 times a week (have also recently joined slimming world which is helping). I read a thread that said carrying weight around the lower tummy is a symptom, and I've always had that and have never been able to shift it (even when I was slimmer). I'm 28 and getting married this year so will want to start trying for a baby in the next couple of years and am worried about fertility. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

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  • I would go to the GP and ask for a scan just to be sure, yes weight around the middle is a typical pcos symptom along with the irregular periods as well. If you are diagnosed then when you want to try for a baby you get referred quicker for fertility. It is pretty rare not to conceive just because of pcos for some it takes no time at all but others have more of a long road so it does vary hugely.

  • Thank you, that's put my mind at ease a bit! I've made an appointment to get it checked out.

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