Hi peeps I'm new on here I've looked up my symptoms and it comes up with PCOS so I was just wondering if mine sound like anyone elses? I'm normally to the dot on periods I'm 43 and give or take a few days it's always been around a 28 day cycle but for some reason this month I'm on my 3rd period all lasting the same as a normal period around a week! I'm only having a few days break in between then I start again. I'm getting abdominal pain but always have that when I'm ovulating and my skin which has always been a nightmare has just flared up even worse with spots think this is what's getting me down the most! Any help would be really helpful I had a swab took 2 days ago so just waiting on that. TIA x

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  • Could it be the menopause rather than pcos, if nothing has shown previously symptom wise for pcos - what is your family history like menopause wise ?

  • Hi thanks for the reply most of the female side in my family have been late 50's with theirs and the doctor didn't mention to me that could be an option I did think that myself though just really confused with what my body is doing at the minute.

  • PCOS can flair up if you have put on weight etc. The other option is stress as stress can be a major factor in your cycle as well.

  • Hi thanks my weight hasn't changed apart from a few extra pounds as it does when I'm on my period anyway but it might be stress as I've just been through a hard break up? Hope it sorts itself out soon I've had enough of all this bleeding.

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