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I haven't been to the doctors yet but im starting to get worried that I may have PCOS!

I have noticed I am getting facial hair, hair on my chest and on my stomach.

I only seem to come on my periods on the weekends and have been every weekend for the last 3 months, so the begin Friday and end Sunday - Monday the latest.

Do you think I should make an appointment with my GP??

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I would most def see a doctor :)

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Yes, weird periods is a classic, not everyone has no periods so I would definitely go and see the GP, write down all your symptoms as well - has your weight increased as this can make symptoms worse. Any extra stress in your life as this can also affect your periods too. Ask for a blood test but also a scan to see if you have cysts (they are only a symptom and not the cause so you may not have them but doesn't mean you don't have pcos). Good luck, push for further tests, don't let your GP fob you off (ask to be referred to an endocrinologist too as the specialise in pcos)

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