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Struggling to conceive

I fell pregnant 2 yrs ago, after 6 months of trying, had a mc at 5 weeks, since then I've had irregular periods, doctor did some test diagnosis pcos, prescibed metformin for a few months then he did a scan and said that it was too early to see anything so gave me more tablets. It's he then referred me to geanocologist, who recommended weight lost and that my husband did a sperm sample, I explained that for religious reasons we can't do the sample. He then told me there's nothing he can do then he discharged me. I feel so deflated and I'm the last month I took 2 weeks off because I felt like I was going into depression. What can I do I really want to have a child and it's getting to me feels like I'm useless.

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Sadly they do need to test your husband but if that is not an option then I would get him on the Boots vitamin C and zinc tablets and get him to eat anything with zinc in it as if he does have a low count or dodgy sperm it will help -my hubbies was well below average with lots of dead and two tailed and it had improved in a year to above average.

I am not sure how much treatment you will be able to get without a sperm sample to be honest as he does need to be ruled out as the issue as 1/3 of fertility issues are now men so you may not be the one that has the issue.


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