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So a little update been diagnosed about 5years ago it wasn't me who picked up on it it was my boyfriend so went to doctor to find out and came back positive. Since then my health has just went down hill. I live in Northern Ireland and there seem to be no support groups or anything for PCOS I'm walking in blind I barely no anything about it Barr the research iv done. The doctors seem not that bothered either. I'm 26 with very little friends as iv pushed them all away so to talk about my problems is very rare for me. But I can't handle keeping it in Anymore. I don't sleep I have bad depression and there's been days I haven't left the house. I just don't no what to be at.

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Go and see your GP, I am on anti depressants as depression is another side effect of PCOS and feel so much better - I know there is an Verity Ireland Facebook Page which you may want to join, I dont think it is specific to the South or anything so I would join that group so you can contact those ladies.

Sadly GP's do not seem bothered even though their are long term consequences of not managing pcos, the main one being to ensure that you have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy. I am on the combined contraceptive and that tends to keep my pcos under control generally. It is still just thought of as a fertility issue sadly which is not the case.

There are quite a few pcos groups on facebook (so more instant replies) so you may want to look at joining some of those too so you have support)

Verity's membership pack for a year is £15 and you get 11 booklets on the condition and their magazine twice a year which is good.

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I'm the same but i've been suffering since i was 15, the 2nd year of my period and it seems to be genetic from my mums side, only the past few years have i really started to research myself because the severe mood winds i had for a while for a wake up to look for myself because of all the stories i've heard of what doctors do these days, it;s more about money than our health. I started with depression, anxiety and excessive hair growth when i was 15, when i was 17 which is child bearing age it started to get worse and it does from 17 onwards, the hair started growing longer and faster.

I started with the severe mood swings, i started pushing everyone away but i think people deserved it too because it's a fickle thing and i've never chosen to let the best people in my life and people try to take advantage treating you like your senial so it's been a struggling fighting about bad people trying to take advantage too, people around me saw something was wrong with me from when i was 15 like at school, then when i tried college (which i just couldn't even do or pass).

I have zero energy, zero concentration and lately i can't go shopping without having to write a list of the items and the prices so i can focus on the shopping rather than adding up and i'll get so stressed out and frazzeled if i don't, last year i got cheated out of £2 in Wilko while doing xmas shopping because i'm so disoriented and out of it all the time, feel completely mind numb all the time, i feel weak and i feel what's going on in my body, i have to stop several times and slow down because i feel like i'm gonna scream and just so overwhelmed, i just have to take it easy with everything i do or i fear like i'll drop dead or unconcious, but mainly it's the out of body feeling and anxiety making me feel that.

I started with irregular periods at 24 too and earlier this year i stopped having periods altogether right after i went to the doctors and got a blood test request form, haven't had one since April at least and i kept feeling like i was gonna be on my periods for a few weeks and i drove me insane as i kept feeling little pricks in the bottom half of my stomach too, you tend to get phantom pricks, although i used to get stomach pains then throw up, i got it like 5 times, once when i was 15 then 4 times from 17 to about 21.

Haven't been yet to get a blood test though because i don't go out at all... i just never feel like it but after xmas i'm going to, i need to, i'm 26 years old too but i just feel like my whole life has gone by, i know how it feels not wanting to go out but don't spend years sitting in like i did, get it sorted as best you can, you will get a blood test done and you have to fast for it to check colestoral and glucious reactions, but if they try to put you on the pill really think about it first because it's been known to just make things worse for women not better, don't ever get a contraceptive coil ether as those tend to really mess things up.


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