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Hi everyone, I'm Lizzy

I'm new to PCOS, I was diagnosed at 15 years old and I am now 20. My doctor doesn't seem rather concerned with it, but I've seen a lot of worrying things on the internet and I'm a bit of a hypochondriac!

I've just started a period after not having one for 12 months, I used to go like clockwork before I started using contraceptives 3 years ago, but I have stopped using them as of last year. On average I get my period once a year (and it typically lasts a fortnight), which is a little worrying at times!

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Hi Lizzy, I also found that the pill massively aggravated my PCOS. I used homeopathy to help get my cycle back, it took a few months but it really helped and they regulated. I think menstruating only once a year is worrying and I would do further research yourself on alternatives if your doctor doesn't seem as concerned. There is a lot you can do naturally and while you are so young it would be really important to get your hormones in balance. Hang in there :)


It is crucial to have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy so you need to go back to your GP and ask for provera or something similar to force a period. Don't let them fob you off that you are lucky to not have any as it is really important that the lining gets shed.

I am on the combined contraceptive pill which generally keeps my pcos symptoms under control. I have been on and off it for about 30 years.

PCOS can be controlled to a degree by diet (low GI), one thing I would say is never google stuff, you will always find worse case scenario and never the good stuff. PCOS varies so hugely from one person to the next. The only thing I would suggest is to keep your diet good, so cut out white carbs and as much sugar as poss as both of these make the symptoms ten times worse.


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