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New here, recently started TTC

Hi, totally new here & being driven up the wall with anxiety! Diagnosed 5yrs ago just before I met my husband, got married end August, started TTC and I've managed to convince myself I'm pregnant already despite me knowing full well that I'm getting my hopes up & setting myself up for disappointment! Only came off the pill in June. Had one period since then (41day cycle tracked on Clue app). Obviously it'll be difficult to predict ovulation etc as I'm in no regular cycle but my instincts have been telling me I'm pregnant since we got on our honeymoon. It's not important about the signs & symptoms, I've done 2 tests (negative) but how do I keep positive while not feeling unnecessarily delusional about each month, convincing myself it's just about timing the fertile window correctly & being disappointed when it doesn't go to plan. Hubby works away 5wks on/off so we know it'll be a challenge. I just don't want our lives to obsess over TTC - and I know me! I obsess! Thanks

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I think in the early days everyone has such high hopes that they will conceive quickly but sadly that is not the case in lots of pcos ladies - the normal window for a non pcos couple to conceive I believe is two years anyway. As you have been diagnosed I would get referred to fertility at the six month point. I dont know what to suggest about stopping you obsessing tbh, time will help sadly. Pregnancy and period symptoms are quite similar in a lot of ways too. I would suggest not buying pregnancy tests etc and only test if you are much much longer than your normal cycle. You can get pregnant without a period as well and a period does not mean you are ovulating so dont obsess on the actual periods. Are you taking your temperature too as it is the only way to find out when you are ovulating with pcos.


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