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We tried for 5 years to conceive and we finally fell pregnant with our daughter naturally. It took till our daughter was 2 years old for me to be diagnosed with PCOS and we have been ttc for two years now with no luck. I have been put on the medication Metformin but wanted to know if any of you have had other treatment through the nhs before i spend lots of money on a private clinic?

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You may be able to get clomid via NHS but as you say it is more limited as you already have a child, I would try NHS first though.

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I only took metformin was trying for 8 years before I became pregnant naturally as we made a decision long ago that we didn't want fertility treatment, however this is my first pregnancy. The NHS does precribe clomid but I believe it can be a bit of a postcode lottery and previous children may affect availability again depends on area. I don't think IVF is normally offered if you already have a child.

I would definitely go see your doctor and get the appropriate referrals to find out what help you can get via the NHS first.


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