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Where is the end?

Hello, I'm 23, after three years of complaining to my doctor about intense pains, not having a period since I was 15, nausea, a miscarriage and a suspicion that something was wrong, I was diagnosed with PCOS in the winter. I tried the diabetic medication, it made things worse, iv piled on weight, the excess hair has started to become a real problem and still no periods. Waiting on another appointment to see a specialist in September, iv been waiting since December for a follow up appointment after my ultrasounds 😡 Can anyone tell me what kind of treatment they have had and has it worked? X

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Weight loss is the main thing that 'can' help with symptoms or combined contraceptive pill but obviously not good if you are TTC. You must make sure you have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy so you can force a bleed if need be. For me I stay on the combined contraceptive (yasmin) and have been for about 25 years and it keeps my symptoms at bay and makes it easier to lose weight as well) but diet is key too, I dont have any white carbs and try and reduce my sugar intake too and that helps.

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That's really helpful thank you 😊 What's annoying is iv tried three different contraceptive pills, they all make me vomit, iv had the implant where I bled constantly for 10 weeks which as you can imagine was horrific, and the injection did nothing. I have a fairly balanced diet, I exercise a lot, the weight just won't budge


I had the implant to steady my periods when I was 15*


implant is not recommended from a pcos point of view and can make the symptoms worse, neither are the injections. Obviously the combined pill may not work for you, so sadly doesn't sound like an option for you.

If we eat the RDA we would still put on 2lb a month so over a stone a year just due to pcos so you do need to eat less than the norm just to stay the same weight.


I tried the cleanse 9 and lost 9lb in 9 days but it was horrific 😂


Yes short term doesn't work I don't think - I like the 5:2, once you get your head around it it totally changes how you feel about being hungry.


Check out pcosdietsupport.com

Helped me enormously.



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