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Help I'm really confused I be pcos but unsure whether I'm pregnant or not ?

Hi I polycystic ovaries but have had regular periods since December but one was five days late and the other nine days late I'm due on 24/03/2016 but I'm little confused according to the NHS website I ovulated on march the 10 but tested morning I woke up having quite a lot of white discharge but then it stopped. Me and my partner had sex on the 10 of march which according to my calculations I should on ovulated on that day but I felt fine after that but then we had sex again on the 16  of this month and ever since I've felt really dizzy and sick and my stomach feels tight could I have conceived. The last five day I have felt even worse symptoms have gotten worse my back and hips are painful I have started to get sore nipples, dull cramps, strong smelling urine , constipation, and no matter how I try cant get comfy when sitting or laying down as well as all my symptoms from above can anyone help I took a test today ad that showed up negative today i the dash before I'm due on my boobs be never hurt this much I'm nauseous all the time I'm am now 13 days past ovulation I have come up with a rash on my arm which looks like first trimester pupps .and I'm due on tomorrow but no sign coming on I have read that having pcos can sometimes effect pregnancy test result I read a couple o story that one women with pcos didn't get a positive pregnancy test till ten week and the other had no positives at all but she went for a scan and it turns out shes pregnant.

Any help or advice wouldbe great.

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