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Any advise would be good now 😩

I too have PCOS and have been ovulating every other month. I just had a test to examine my fulopian tubes and the Doctor said they look fine and patent but I am waiting for my next appointment with my consultant next month. I just want our baby now so I can appreciate how everyone feels.

Just want to know what the next step will be if they see that I have no blockage. How long will it take them to diagnose that I have a undiagnosed cause of infertility???? What's the next step now that I have had the hsg test???? And does anyone know how difficult it is to conceive if you have a cysts on one or both overy as my grandmother suffers with cysts (POS) and has had 4 kids.


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I have pcos with no blockage. I ovulated only every 3 months ended up as undiagnosed with less than 5% chance natural conception chance. I had ICSI IVF. And got pregnant with twins who are now 9. We had made the decision to try adoption of IVF didn't happen within the year. We didn't go in thinking that this was the end of nothing happened and the clinic staff said this helped my body to be a good host. I had our boys 2 days before our 13th wedding anniversary


Cysts on your ovaries do not cause infertility. The process of releasing the egg and it getting caught in the lining of your ovary is a cyst. That malfunctioning releasing process is what may be considered as infertility. So the Drs use that symptom (the cyst) to diagnose that there MAY be a problem with your releasing of eggs, and then they look elsewhere to confirm or deny that diagnosis.

If you have no blockage, if your partner's tests come back clear, they may deduce you have a problem with release (or like you say an 'undiagnosed cause of infertility) and that you would benefit from IVF. This is not absolute. There are other considerations and exploratitive appointments they may want.

I have many, many cysts (on both ovaries) but conceived naturally twice. Once without a period and once with my first period in 3 years.

It was a chance meeting in a waiting room at the infertility clinic that led me to change my diet (to a gluten free diet) and eventually produce that first period in over 3 years, that led to my conceiving my second child. So I bang on about it a lot. I don't know what the link is but I know diet plays a huge part in PCOS and wonder if you want to look at changing yours to compliment your PCOS symptoms.

Good luck, it will happen.


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